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PEPE Memecoin Pumps Over 12% Surge in the Last 24H


  • PEPE is trading at $0.000001203 post a 12.70% pump.
  • A whale purchased 807B PEPE tokens by selling 1M USDC.

On Wednesday, PEPE, a deflationary memecoin faced a sudden pump of around 10.78% according to CoinMarketCap, a crypto analytics platform. This surge is despite the fact that a recent whale dumped a huge amount of PEPE when it was trading at $0.000001121. Overall, the whale sold 2.26 trillion PEPE worth $2.53 million over a $707K loss.

On the other hand, the same whale has purchased BALD tokens by selling over 1.1K Ethereum (ETH) worth $2.01M. Considerably, the current status of PEPE seems bullish and the investors are rushing harder for PEPE purchase.

From the reports of DeBank, it is noted that another whale acquired a whole of 807B PEPE tokens when the trading price hit $0.000001239. Spending a million of USD Coin (USDC), this transaction has been reported with a gas fee of about 0.033 ETH. 

Current Status of PEPE

Being launched on April 2023, PEPE has gained massive popularity among the crypto community next to the other popular memecoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Dogecoin (DOGE). As per CoinMarketCap, PEPE is trading at $0.000001225 with a market capitalization of around $464.32M in the last 24 hours. 

The trading volume has crossed more than 100% at the time of writing. Moreover, the circulation supply of the PEPE is around 93% which is 391.79 trillion PEPE of its total supply. Also, PEPE remarks as the top gainer of the day across other cryptocurrencies. 

The buyers are held in large purchases of PEPE and there is no surprise of spotting yet another whale appearance in the market. Again, the technical stats depict a huge buying signal with a green dominance showing growth.

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