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Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List In Season 6


Season 6 of Overwatch 2 is currently underway. The Invasion season has seen players both new and old making their way to the 5v5 title. With every update, there’s bound to be some gameplay changes, and it so happens that this one even involves a new Support hero. However, Illari isn’t the subject as of right now. Now it’s time to focus on the Overwatch 2 DPS tier list for Season 6.

What Is The Overwatch 2 Assault Tier List In Season 6?

Keep in mind that this tier list is 100% debatable. Feel free to leave a comment below if there’s some disagreement. This tier list is created based on the current assault meta, hero difficulty, team comps, and counters. When playing the assault role, it’s important to not only put up numbers but to secure eliminations as well. Not only that, but it’s imperative to build the perfect team comp. The higher the DPS heroes on the tier, the greater the odds of doing just that.

S-Tier Overwatch 2 Assault Heroes


There are a couple of factors that make Tracer a S-Tier Hero. However, not only is she super squishy with low health stats, but she’s also extremely difficult to play. That being said she’s still extremely useful for any team she’s on. Whether it’d be taking out enemy flankers or getting rid of tanks such as Wrecking Ball or Roadhog, she’s up for the task. Tracer is also good for taking out backline DPS such as Widow or Ashe. She can work with any comp and has a very high skill ceiling.


When deciding Cassidy’s placement on the list, he’s on the edge of being A-Tier or just barely entering S-Tier. Cassidy is a great hitscan with an ult that can turn the tides of battle in an instant. His grenades are what makes him so amazing to use. Not only do they deal a good amount of damage, but they also add a hinder effect slowing enemies down. Following them up with a couple of shots can erase an enemy with ease. Because of this, he’s great at dueling earning himself a spot in the S-Tier category.

A-Tier Overwatch 2 Assault Heroes


Sombra is a hero that requires a lot of practice. With her being able to successfully hack the enemy team and do massive amounts of damage to her target, it makes her create some big plays for her team. When used effectively, Sombra can become a vital asset, she just takes some practice getting used to. She’s extremely stealthy allowing her to get the jump on enemies and creating openings for her team. She has a very high skill ceiling so mastering her can mean trouble for opponents.

Soldier 76

It’s no surprise to many that Soldier 76 is making an appearance first. Soldier is capable of dishing out massive amounts of damage. Not only is he extremely versatile and easy to use, but he also is great at picking off enemies in the sky or while on a flank, while also being able to heal himself. To top it off, his ult auto locks on enemies making it easy to secure kills. With his recent nerf to helix rockets, it does make it harder to secure kills though.


Being one of the first new heroes in Overwatch 2, Soujourn has come a long way. While most might pick Soldier over her, she’s not one to be slept on. While her skill gap is a bit higher, her kit comes in handy when utilized correctly. Sojourn’s primary fire charges up her railgun ability which can turn her into a hitscan DPS hero. Landing a shot with this baby can deal massive amounts of damage. Being able to slide around the map while using her ult can make it hard for enemies to hit her too.


Hazno is very mobile due to his abilities and is able to dish out tons of damage. Not only that but he’s able to pick off foes from close, medium, and long range depending on how you charge up your arrows. He can work with almost any team he’s on especially when using his ultimate causing a team wipe. The downside being is that he does require a high skill level to use. If shots miss, players will have a bad time playing him.


Aerial heroes are ones that require skill to master as it’s much harder to stay alive without supports like Ana or Mercy. However with Echo, if you have one you can become an issue for the enemy team. Her kit allows her to melt tanks while being extremely mobile in the air. Not only that, but her ultimate allows her to copy the ultimate of any enemy on the battleground.

B-Tier Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes


Ashe is a DPS hero that takes a bit of skill to use successfully, but the payoff is worth it. Not only can she pick players off in succession but her ultimate allows her to call out Bob which can be annoying to deal with. Send Bob on foes or even to the payload to contest it to get on the enemy team’s bad side. Any Ahse player can turn the tide of the match if she’s used right. Long-range or mid-range Ashe is ready to cause some damage. In terms of the dive meta, Ashe may not be the go-to pick this season.


Reaper is a flanker that can be suitable on any team. He’s perfect for flanking enemies and eradicating their backline. His ultimate is also known to wipe out a whole team if used at the right moment. The main thing that holds Reaper back is his not being as strong as he used to be. Players have to know when to fold them and when to walk away when trying to secure a kill. Staying in the backline for too long is only going to cause trouble for the team.


Compared to the start of Overwatch 2, Mei has had her primary weapon nerfed in damage. When combined with her icicles, she can still prove to be an issue to the enemy team. Her ability to soak up damage and provide crowd control makes her a useful DPS to have on the squad. When playing the objective Mei can do just that. Being self-sustainable in fights is what really makes her shine.


Ruling the skies is Pharah as she can not only be an annoyance but disrupt team fights from above. The downside for her is that she will require a damage boost and heals from Mercy or Ana to keep her alive long enough to make a dent in the enemy team. Compared to other AoE heroes like Junkrat, she proves to be more effective when used right, she’ll make justice rain from above.


Genji is one of the more notable Overwatch 2 heroes that has been nerfed multiple times, and yet, he still manages to be useful to any team he’s on. Genji’s high mobility allows him to destroy any backline he enters and can use his deflect ability to reverse any damage he may receive. While his damage numbers might not be all there. He can certainly destroy support and hitscan heroes.

C-Tier Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes


Beep Beep Boop beep. That’s the sound Bastion makes when he destroys the enemy team’s tank with ease. Bastion is a hero that most can get behind as his kit isn’t difficult to use. While Bastion in turret mode might make someone feel unstoppable, he can definitely get obliterated if not careful. Unfortunately, he needs a support like Mercy is boosting him and keeping up. Due to this and his immobility, it places him in the C-Tier.


Widowmaker is a DPS that needs players to hit their shots if they want to be successful with her. Even with the DPS nerf she received, she can still prove to be reliable in eliminating enemies with ease. Not only is she perfect for clearing out enemies on the ground, but she’s also perfect for emptying out the skies. Again, keep in mind that players want to maximize her potential, a little practice will need to go into her. If she has no one protecting her from dives, she won’t get anything done.

D-Tier Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes


Torbjörn is a DPS hero that’s primarily used for his turret as it allows him to chip away at enemies from a distance. The thing is most heroes can easily destroy it, especially if it’s heavily focused. His Overload ability makes him tank more damage, but once it’s over, he goes back to being a squishy DPS.


Might sound harsh but Symmetra isn’t as useful as she was before. She leaves herself extremely open in terms of enemy fights and can’t really protect herself. Her primary doesn’t do as much damage as it used to and her turrets can be easily destroyed. To be honest, the only thing Symmetra is good for is teleporting the team to the objective or contesting a payload at her current state.


Most players have been involved in a fight that has been interrupted by flying grenades. Junkrat is perfect for causing a bit of mayhem, making it harder to stay alive during firefights. It doesn’t take much to play Junkrat as it’s all about where to launch his grenades. In terms of team comp, he suffers a lot whenever an enemy takes the air as it’s near impossible to take them out. Plus in terms of team comp, it’s harder for him to be perfectly paired together with someone. In terms of AoE, Pharah is the better pick

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