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Overwatch 2 Best Tank Hero Season 1


With the launch of Overwatch 2 veterans and players new to the series are experiencing the reworks of different characters. A week after its launch a tier list was made to find out who is Overwatch 2’s best tank hero to play as in Season 1.

It’s important to understand regardless of where heroes are placed in the tier list, any character can be utilized in Overwatch 2. This means you can play a character ranked first and still lose or play a character ranked last and still win.

Role Description

Tanks- The damage soakers of the teams are the tanks. Mitigating the most damaged, tanks create windows of opportunity for their teammates to gain the upper hand on their enemies. Tanks will be leading the charge

Best Tanks (S-Tier)


A fan favorite from the first Overwatch, D.Va comes into Overwatch 2 almost the same with little to no changes. D.Va has if not one of the best the most effective ultimates in the game. Her blast radius from her mech explosion easily disrupts enemies and can send them falling back. Whether in or out of her mech her mobility is also something that shouldn’t be underestimated. D.Va’s Defense Matrix also can block a variety of different abilities. D.Va is not only the best tank but also the best tank in Overwatch 2.


Orisa is a solid pick if players are going for a character who excels at crowd control. Receiving a rework from Overwatch 1 Orisa’s new kit allows her to negate incoming damage and hold down contested points. When her abilities are used in the right way Orisa becomes a real asset to the team.

Junker Queen

Compared to the other available tanks Junker Queen actually doesn’t appear to be much of a damage soaker. She makes up for it however with her high area damage output and wound status effect. Her kit allows her to do area damage attacks disabling the enemy’s ability to heal which can single out low targets. Pair her up with a healer and nobody can dethrone the queen.

While these are Overwatch 2’s best tank heroes there are others that can still get the job done. Here are the other heroes ranked amongst the tier list.

A-tier –

Sigma, Doomfist, Zarya

B-tier –

Roadhog, Winston

C-tier –

Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball

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