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Online Blockchain Launches Its First Public NFT Collection Featuring The Iconic Character From Cult Classic The Rocky Horror Show -October 06, 2023 At 07:00 Am EDT – CryptoInfoNet


Online Blockchain plc is launching its first public NFT collection featuring the hugely iconic characters from cult classic The Rocky Horror Show. The limited-edition The Rocky Horror Show Halloween Collection NFTs will be released in four drops in the runup to October 31st – a time when the chart-topping show sees an even bigger peak in popularity. The first 50 NFTs, which are being released publicly on 13th October (9am BST), will be priced at a rose tinted 0.0075 ETH (approximately $12 at current time) making them accessible to all Rocky Horror Show fans.

The pre-sale starts on 9th October (9am BST) with a price of 0.007 ETH. A further 150 NFTs will be dropped on three separate dates before Halloween and prices will rise progressively. The NFTs from the 200-piece collection will each feature one of the nine main characters from the much-loved musical including Frank-n-Furter, Riff Raff, Brad and Janet.

They will each incorporate unique traits so that no two are the same. Additionally, each of the four drops will feature a different Halloween motif further increasing rarity. Collectors of NFTs from each of the four drops will automatically qualify for four free TimeWarp NFTs from the genesis collection.

Early adopters will benefit from the inherent value of owning one of the first 50 released, but there will be other surprises along the way, which will ensure that all 200 NFTs have unique qualities. Enthusiasts should keep an eye on the project’s socials for updates on subsequent drops so they can get ready to grab up a part of Rocky history.

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