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We Are Dorkis

We Are Dorkis NFT community brace themselves for a Halloween reward that will forever shake stuff up in the world of Dorkland.

OH NO.. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING IN DORKLAND Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
Welcoming evil twins to Dorkland.

The citizen of Dorkland can feel an evil and sinister energy growing, sky is slowly becoming darker and cloudier.

Birds are flying off in bizarre ways, the pressure is strong, almost as if the gravity on the land was doubled.


“I see you Dorks.. Each and every one of you. Us in the nether world have been waiting for this moment. The land will be ours. We are in the process of cloning you and invade Dorkland. BEWARE.

On the 26th of October we’ll swarm the place.”

On the 26th of October you will all be able to mint a random evil counterpart if you hold an original We Are Dorkis!!

Everytime you mint one, the dark side of Dorkland gets stronger!

But beware!!

On the 31st of October we won’t be able to contain the Evil Dorks anymore. AN AMOUNT OF EVIL DORKIS AS HIGH AS OUR DORKIS RESERVE (approximately 300) will be available for public sale at 0.07ETH EACH + GAS.

The reserved public sale starting October 31st will run parallel to holders minting. Until reserve is sold out.

There will be 4724 Evil counterparts total.

You won’t be minting your own counterpart but somebody else’s. Dorkis names will be censored, traits will not be released until the end of public minting (or sellout).

We Are Dorkis will have a page on the website where you’ll be able to mint the evil dorkis for free +gas (one per dorki owned, if you own 10 dorkis you are allowed 10 evil dorkis).

There will be a section on the website to show which Dorkis have minted their counterpart already, so be careful! When you buy Dorkis on secondary, there won’t be any snapshot.
It is up to you to see if your Dorkis has a counterpart attached to claim once the free mint opens!

From October 26th until metadata reveal when sale officially closes. All new mints will have their name redacted with hashtags (#). We’ll be hosting a discord event during the minting to see who can guess their evil twin is within the collection!

The spooky season is jam-packed with spooky mints across the NFT ecosystem, Dorkis are already working on the lore of these Evil Dorkis, to contribute for Dungeons and Dorkis. A customized campaign for Dorks featured in the We Are Dorkis Roadmap Vol.I.

This week the Dorkis Discord bot will be periodically dropping interesting facts about the Dorkland. While details of Dorkland are still leaking, what has been determined is that, those holding a Dorkis will be able to play.

Meaning that, these Evil NFT’s will be utilized long past Halloween and autumn season! It would be terribly sad for one of our original holders to miss out. So please do your dorkiest duty of all and..


some holders are not part of our discord and we do NOT want them to miss out!

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Source: https://medium.com/@wearedorkis/oh-no-something-is-happening-in-dorkland-96cfe735864c?source=rss——cryptocurrency-5

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