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Nintendo Switch Announces Monster Prom: XXL

COVID-19 may be canceling school proms, but the Nintendo Switch is bringing the prom to gamers with Monster Prom: XXL. One of the main highlights for students during the school year is going to prom. Boys and girls nervously hope that their crush will ask them to the prom or accept their invitation. Limos are […]

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COVID-19 may be canceling school proms, but the Nintendo Switch is bringing the prom to gamers with Monster Prom: XXL.

One of the main highlights for students during the school year is going to prom. Boys and girls nervously hope that their crush will ask them to the prom or accept their invitation. Limos are rented and dashing suits and enchanting dresses are carefully considered. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has scuttled prom for this year, but gamers do have another way to enjoy this time-hallowed tradition. The Nintendo Switch recently announced the upcoming launch of Monster Prom: XXL.

It’s a Graveyard Smash for the Nintendo Switch

Gamers can circle May 21 on their calendars as that is when Monster Prom: XXL is released for the Nintendo Switch. Players take on the role of a student at a high school populated with monsters, and it is only three short weeks to prom.

This dating sim game features the original game, the Second Term DLC, and all the seasonal content that was released during the game’s original lifespan. There are hundreds of events for players to navigate through, making choices to increase their stats in the hope of getting their chosen love interest to fall for them.

There are over 1,000 multiple outcomes for this Nintendo Switch game, and plenty of items to help players achieve their goals. The game can be played solo or with up to four players, either locally or online. Friends can become bitter rivals in Monster Prom; XXL if they set their sight on the same love interest.

Monster Prom: XXL for the Nintendo Switch.

Multiple Characters

There are eight love interest characters in Monster Prom: XXL. What is intriguing is that all the characters are available to be pursued as sexual orientation and gender do not impact gameplay at all.

The eight love interest characters are:

  • Damien LaVey – a fearless demon with a taste for destruction and a love of fire.
  • Vera Oberlin – a mean, self-made gorgon with a merciless sense of business.
  • Zoe – an eldritch cutie who went from endless deity of the dark realms to ultimate fangirl.
  • Polly Geist – a party ghost with an insatiable hunger for all the wrong things.
  • Miranda Vanderbilt – a sweet mermaid princess who was as cute as she was genocidal.
  • Oz – a shy and insecure being made purely from fear.
  • Liam de Lioncourt – a hipster vampire whose stand-offish demeanor hid that he was truly a lovable dork.
  • Scott Howl – a werewolf athlete who compensated for his rather small brain with a stupidly huge heart.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is fueling the amount of video games people are playing. While schools, concert venues, and parks are closed due to quarantine orders, at least Nintendo Switch gamers can soon try to score a date for a virtual prom.

Images courtesy of Nintendo.



$2,800 Is an Important Level for Ethereum, Says Mike Novogratz

The former hedge fund manager said that the crypto market is still in good shape.



Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, believes that $2,800 is the most important price level for Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

In a recent interview with CNBC, the former hedge fund manager mentioned that if Bitcoin stays above $40,000 and Ethereum holds the price level of $2,800, then the crypto market will see a jump in demand from retail and institutional investors.

“We held $40,000 overnight in Bitcoin and $2,800 in Ethereum. Those are very important levels for people to watch. As long as those hold, I think the market is in good shape,” Novogratz told CNBC yesterday.

On Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin dipped below $40,000 and Ethereum touched a low of $2,700. However, due to immense demand, BTC and ETH recovered quickly above $42,000 and $2,900, respectively.

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Commenting about the future of the crypto market, Novogratz said that he is not nervous. “I see nothing but engagement and activity from our investing clients and our corporate clients. The level of business in the crypto market has increased. We see so much capital coming into the space. I’m not nervous but the prices are prices, and it was an ugly day in crypto yesterday,” he added.

Gary Gensler on Crypto

In an interview with Washington Post, Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), criticized unregulated digital exchanges and crypto lending platforms. “There are trading platforms where you can buy and sell these [digital tokens], lending platforms where you can earn a return on these tokens and it’s highly likely that they have on these platforms securities that the SEC is legally obligated to regulate,” Gensler said.

“I do really fear…there’s going to be a problem with lending platforms or trading platforms, and frankly, when that happens, a lot of people are going to get hurt,” the SEC Chairman added.

Since the start of 2021, speculations around cryptocurrency regulations in the US have increased significantly.

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Bitcoin: Here’s the ‘ticking time bomb’ traders should be aware of 



Despite Bitcoin oscillating around the $40,000-mark over the last 48 hours, the outflow of BTC from exchanges continued its downward trend. Over the week, exchange balances have continued to decline to hit a new multi-year low of 13.0% of circulating supply. This pushes exchange balances to levels last seen in February 2018. 

While the aforementioned outflow trend has continued to surprise, it has also been interesting to see how Bitcoin outflows played out differently for different exchanges and what affected this behavioral difference.

This article will delve into how differing sentiments and external and geographical factors played out during outflows from some of the top exchanges.

More and more outflows

According to a recent Glassnode report, there appears to be more demand for coins accumulated from exchange balances. In fact, the previous week saw a deeply negative (outflows) exchange net-flow reading, with BTC outflows happening at a rate of – 92k BTC/month.

Notably, both exchange balance and exchange net-flow balance highlighted that the market has clearly shifted its paradigm after March 2020. From a regime of net exchange inflow dominance to outflow dominance.

Comparative performance of exchanges 

While outflows have been constant across the market, external factors have influenced how exchanges across the spectrum behaved. A characteristic behavior was noted in two cohorts of exchanges –

The first cohort of exchanges included Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Gemini, and Binance. On the contrary, the second included Bitstamp, OKEx, Huobi, and Coinbase. 

The first cohort of exchanges demonstrated characteristic inflows and balance growth for most of 2020 and 2021, reflecting a rising dominance in coin holdings.

Binance and Gemini were the primary recipients of this cohort. Post the May sell-offs, balances across this exchange group plateaued and saw modest coin outflows. 

On the other hand, the second cohort of exchange saw constant outflows since March 2020. In fact, this has actually accelerated in recent weeks.

Further, the net balance across exchanges has continued to decline as the inflows observed in May were absorbed by the market and moved to investor wallets.

Exchange balance serves as an important metric to gauge traders’ sentiments for the underlying asset. In the case of Coinbase, it’s a hint at its traders’ intention to hold BTC instead of selling it.

Notably, the amount of Bitcoin held in Coinbase Pro’s vaults dropped by 28,843.87 BTC over the last month. 

On the other hand, modest outflows from Binance were indicative of the skepticism holders have for BTC’s price. Also, since Binance caters to a more global audience, it can play a part in this trend. The rising Bitcoin balances on Binance were suggestive of its users thinking about selling BTC, the opposite of the trend seen on Coinbase.

In hindsight, it can be noted that on Binance, the Bitcoin balance spiked from 199,700 BTC on 20 April to 347,590 BTC on 26 June – More than 1.5x. During that time, Bitcoin’s price dropped from over $65k to below $30k.

Thus, if the price doesn’t recover soon and outflows don’t dominate on Binance again, the rise in balances could prove to be a ticking time bomb. 

Where to Invest?

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Dimitra (DMTR) Listed On Kucoin

Dear Dimitra Community, We have some fantastic news to share with you. Dimitra is excited to announce the listing of the $DMTR token on KuCoin, recognized as one of the world’s leading crypto currency exchanges. The exchange’s user base is global and it is considered to be one of the leading trading venues for emerging […]

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Dear Dimitra Community,

We have some fantastic news to share with you. Dimitra is excited to announce the listing of the $DMTR token on KuCoin, recognized as one of the world’s leading crypto currency exchanges. The exchange’s user base is global and it is considered to be one of the leading trading venues for emerging and established altcoins.

KuCoin is the first exchange to list $DMTR. This listing, to be followed by other centralized and decentralized listings, will facilitate and accelerate Dimitra’s goal of democratizing agriculture technology for farmers globally.

The Dimitra $DMTR token will be available for deposit initially with the DMTR/USDT trading pair.

– Deposits will open at 11:00am UTC on September 21, 2021

– Trading will start at 09:00am UTC on September 22, 2021

All trading execution is done through the official website at or within the KuCoin Android and iOS apps

Dimitra is grateful and fortunate to experience the growth of such an active and loyal community! We are looking forward to continuing to grow together.

Check out KuCoin’s listing announcement here:

About Dimitra:

Dimitra (DMTR) is a blockchain platform that is democratizing the agricultural technology space for smallholder farmers globally. Dimitra provides access to the blockchain, machine learning, Internet of Things sensors, and Satellite Technology through a mobile platform that helps farmers globally increase their yield, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Current farming practices are not sustainable; creating an evolution of practices will contribute to solving some of today’s largest issues for farmers. Issues like poverty, hunger, global warming, carbon emissions, freshwater, and soil preservation are all impacted by the adoption of Dimitra. Dimitra’s platform provides utility by combining the crypto investment cycle with agricultural development practices within nations globally.

Coinsmart. Beste Bitcoin-Börse in Europa

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