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NFTs Help Struggling Digital Artist Go Viral on Twitter


  • Digital artist turns to Twitter to express his struggle.
  • Major support is shown by the NFT community.
  • The NFT is now available on the Foundation platform.

Digital artist jmw327 expressed their struggle in a tweet, where they announced their plans to turn to NFTs. The artist expressed how hard it is to survive while earning $10K a year, urging them to create NFTs.

They also mentioned that it is too hard to afford basic needs such as health insurance. After a couple of hours, the artist published their first NFT which attracted a lot of bids, with the highest one being bid for 20.90 ETH at the moment of writing this article.

The artist shared a tweet after that, saying, “Thank you all so much again for all the support! This has been a crazy 24 hours. I’m going to get some rest and then hopefully soon start thinking about what to do next :D.”

Their Twitter account witnessed noticeable traffic as it reached a total of 154.3K followers, while their first NFT post got 3,140 likes and 681 retweets. The NFT community also sent the artist encouragement messages, as they stated when the artist thanked the people for their support.

The artist presents a unique style of pixel artwork with high attention to details, shades, measurements, and a beautiful choice of color. With this start, it is expected that jmw327 would find their chance to succeed in the NFT market.

The NFT is now available on the Foundation platform, and it is expected to see more of this artist’s work as an NFT.

This came as welcoming news to the NFT community amid what appears to be a bear market. Prices of NFTs saw a decline this past week following the spike in interest rates and the LUNA and UST collapse. Regardless, investors are already gearing up for potential profits in the future.

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  • Source: https://coinquora.com/nfts-help-struggling-digital-artist-go-viral-on-twitter/

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