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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Sunday, October 29 – Injective, Wall Street Memes, OKB


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The new week is opening with some  trends. Several tokens are showing trends that position them for explosive pace in the new week. The price of BTC is now above $34K, and there is speculation it might climb further before the end of the week. 

Additionally, the altcoins market is also printing impressive gains. The trends added about 0.5% to the global cryptocurrency market cap, bringing the value to $1.26T. 

Conversely, trading volume declined by over 35%, with a value of $21 billion. Sadly, the DeFi sector is yet to experience a remarkable fund influx as the volume in the sector remains in the unitary range. In the last 24 hours, DeFi trade was about $2.42 billion. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 

As the crypto market enters a new week, what are the next cryptocurrencies to explode? The market is currently undergoing a mix of FOMO and uncertainties. However, the performance of cryptocurrencies has been nothing but impressive. Crypto presales opportunities have also begun to rise, and projects like the Wall Street Memes are offering new opportunities to degen investors. Below is an overview of some of the tokens that might become the next big cryptocurrencies. We’ve also included the WSM opportunity as it might become the next penny cryptos to explode. 

1. OKB (OKB) 

Is OKB the next cryptocurrencies to explode? Exchange tokens are benefiting from the improvement in the crypto market outlook. OKB, for example, is gradually ending its months-long consolidation trend. In the last seven days, the token has recorded over 3% gains. It is currently pushing above the $44/$45 resistance zone. 

With the price of OKB at $44.94 in the last 24 hours, investors should watch the trend of the token. If OKB continues to push against its resistance, there is a high chance that OKB will reach above $46 before the end of the year. 

OKB Price Chart

OKB Price Chart

OKB is the native cryptocurrency of the OKX platform, and it is currently benefiting from the performance improvements going on across the platform. Now, OKX is one of the largest exchanges in the world, and its foray into NFT is opening a new frontier for the platform.

According to a recent post on its official Twitter handle, OKX NFT Marketplace now provides support for Polygon zkEVM as a way to improve NFT exploration, management, and trading at zero fees.

Other trends that position OKB for explosive growth include its current price trends, which are above its 200-day EMA. It shows that the market can continue its uptrend against the Immediate resistance.

On the other hand, OKB’s circulating supply is about 20% of the total supply. Hence, the token might experience intense volatility in the long run. 

2. Injective (INJ) 

The INJ trend has been quite impressive for most of the year. One of the core factors fuelling the remarkable growth has been the ecosystem’s commitment to innovation. INJ has broken the $13 resistance, and it’s currently heading towards the $15 mark.

Injective Price Chart

Injective Price Chart

Furthermore, the token continues its stride in the uptrend with gains of over 5% in the last 24 hours. The value of the token recently surpassed the $10 range and is named as one of the next big cryptocurrencies, cryptos, to buy now, especially in the AI sector. Additionally, INJ is also recording an increase in trading volume with over 230% rise in the last 24 hours. 

As of today, INJ has a price of $13.80, and it might break above that range before the end of the new week. In the last 24 hours, it ranks among the top gainers in the early hours of today. 

Is Injective the next cryptocurrency to explode? With cumulative gains of over 52% in the last seven days, the probability that INJ will continue to push further up the price chart is relatively high. Moreover, the token is trading close to the $14 resistance, and the bulls are still having the upper hand in the market. 

However, the RSI value remains a key investors need to watch out for. At press time, the value of the INJ relative strength index is 70. A number that shows the token might soon encounter intense resistance from the bears. 

Consequently, INJ’s price might retrace from the end of the third quarter to the mid-first quarter of next year. As the crypto market anticipates the next bull run, it might be time to keep an eye on the INJ trend. 

3. Wall Street Memes (WSM) 

Following a widely successful presale run, WSM is giving investors another opportunity to fill their bags. Only this time, it’s tapping into the growing crypto Casino market. 

Wall Street Memes maintains a reputation as one of the fastest growing memecoin communities, with over 1 million members. It aims to continue its support for retail investors who are willing to go against the Wall Street trends. 

[embedded content]

Following the launch of its token across multiple exchanges, the token is exploring other ways to increase utility and drive up the value of the token. One of the recent innovations is its Crypto Casino, which allows users to earn 200% for deposits of up to $25000 or more. The Casino opportunity is available to all WSM holders. 

Other innovations that are being implemented by the platform include the token burn, which allows community members to burn an amount of WSM tokens. The platform promises to match the value of tokens burnt by the community. 

So far, the community has burnt 180,128.89 WSM tokens valued at $5,163.91, bringing the total WSM tokens burnt to 2,437,465, valued at $69,877. 

Also, holders may have to brace up for massive gains as the token just launched its perpetual contract on KuCoin. 

Ultimately, the strategy would continue to drive up the price of WSM as the token supply continues to decline. Several other innovations are in progress, and details of each are highlighted on its website. Very soon, the crypto community might be surprised to find WSM as one of the top-ranking memecoins on the market as a result of the innovative approach to driving up its value. 

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4. Tellor (TRB)

The current bullish trend in the crypto market is in favor of Oracle’s protocols. Tokens like TRB and LINK are currently printing impressive numbers, and they rank as some of the top gainers on the market today. 

In the last 24 hours, the price of TRB surged by about 3%, pushing its gains even further. There’s been over 600% increase in the price of TRB since the recovery of the crypto market. Similarly, Tellor trading volume reached $ 628.31M despite its market cap of $ 250.14M

The token recorded a pump that took its price from $9 to $101. With the trend, Tellor can surprise its all-time high this quarter, thus making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to explode. 

Tellor Price Chart

Tellor Price Chart

Additionally, Data from Tellor charts reveals that investors need to add the token to their watchlist. Its current price indicates a bullish signal compared to its short-term and long-term moving averages. Similarly, its MACD reading returns a value of 16.08, indicating a bullish trend as well. It’s also maintained a more positive trend in the last 30 days, with a total of 16 green days. 

However, the RSI rating of the token indicates that the price might soon fall as the value is above 70. Ultimately, investors may watch for the best opportunity to buy into the asset. 

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