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New to The Street brings its Line-Up of “Game Changers” to Sundays, 9:30 AM NEWSMAX Show

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New to the Street to broadcast this Sunday, Jan 17th 930AM EST on NEWSMAX Television featuring SmartKey with CEO Szymon Fiedorowicz, CMO Marta Zarosa, and Fionna Chow with Public Relations.

The greatest value in the world of communication with devices is not the data itself, but the creation of a universal communication bus between them. The bottom-up revolution has already started, and SmartKey proves that the blockchain can fill in the real-world economy. You can watch more in our Bloomberg dedicated TV series.” Said Szymon Fiedorowicz SmartKey CEO.

The company as Marta Zarosa Chief Marketing Officer for SMARTKEY states is already implementing in real-world as they connected emergency services in Poland with a region of 1.5Million people to open doors and grant access timely.

We will have SmartKey doing interview updates throughout 2021 and watch as they change the world making their SmartKey tech available globally stated Vince Caruso CEO of FMW Media.

PAYPOLITAN with blockchain expert Nils Tharandt Ortiz its CEO and Founder discussing the PayPolitan project and its white label solutions. Nils will also be coming on New to The Street on upcoming segments with Coach K on Crypto.

“During the last decades, banks were taking a huge part of the “cake” of transactions and payments with commission fees. Blockchain now allows to delete any intermediaries and decrease the cost of transactions tremendously for either payments or remittances. I am happy to share my fintech knowledge with Coach K and his audience.” “During the last decades, banks were taking a huge part of the “cake” of transactions and payments with commission fees. Blockchain now allows to delete any intermediaries and decrease the cost of transactions tremendously for either payments or remittances. I am happy to share my fintech knowledge with Coach K and his audience.”

Next up NATIVECOIN with CEO Jeff Johnson with Michael Corkery CFA, ExRATES Chief Financial Officer.

NativeCoin(N8V) will open up the billion-dollar sovereign digital world to all. This company will help the Native American Indians their business and all participate.

PAWTOCOL, CEO and founder Karim Quazzani will discuss how the company has aligned itself with ESG principles by being – Environmentally and Socially responsible, with inclusive and transparent Governance – the backbone of Blockchain – while showing users how to use their pet’s data to not just help other pets and pet parents, but to earn income as well.

Closing out the show is Aurus Gold (AWG) AURUS.IO with Guido Van Stun CEO and Founder with Senior advisor and former member of the World Gold Council and Global Head of Investments CEO Spider Gold Shares GLD Jason Toussaint . They explain HOW Aurus is combining best of breed tech in the blockchain space to the traditional gold investor market. Further discussing AWX TOKEN , payment terminals and more.

About NativeCoin (N8V)

NativeCoin Partners with ExMarkets Exchange

IEO Announced on NASDAQ’s LilaMax Media Show

NativeCoin continues on its path to becoming the first Native American sovereign cryptocurrency, generating genuine excitement in the stock market world after having been featured on NASDAQ, FOX Business News Innovators, Bloomberg’s Innovators, Exploring the Block, KRON and Newsmax TV.

Appearing on NASDAQ’s LilaMax Media show hosted by Jane King, NativeCoin CEO Jeff Johnson and ExMarkets representative Michael Corkery proudly announced their new partnership and ExMarkets’ Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of NativeCoin cryptocurrency. ExMarkets is an international cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. For Johnson, NativeCoin cryptocurrency is an opportunity to connect the Native American population to the outside world. “NativeCoin is a sovereign digital currency that will connect the $100 billion-dollar Native American infrastructure to people all across the world,” he said. “For the first time in history, the outside investor can reach that multi-billion-dollar revenue which is happening today.

ExMarkets provides that opportunity for the Native American community – to get involved and check out our project.”

Corkery sees NativeCoin as having a real impact in the cryptocurrency world.

“ExMarkets is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange,” he said. “We focus on bringing on projects like NativeCoin that we feel can have a real impact in our community; that have a good business model and the possibility for growth in the future. We look for projects that inspire our community and provide value for users in our platform.”

Johnson believes the ExMarkets IEO is a solid step into the future for Native American Tribes and outside investors, and a second chance for those who missed Bitcoin. “The IEO that ExMarkets is offering provides a strategic partnership and a big jump start for people who missed that bitcoin opportunity,” he said. “We look at it as the ‘sovereign bitcoin’. Now, we have a digital dollar that people can have access to all over the world.” Johnson believes NativeCoin allows a person or business that wants to be able to have their own personal private currency, the ability to spend it anywhere, at any business and any casino.

According to Johnson, NativeCoin provides the foundation for a global digital currency that is available to anyone, regardless if they live on Tribal lands or not.

“Just like Microsoft provided the operating system that powers computers today we see NativeCoin as providing the individual with their own digital sovereign currency in the multi-billion-dollar Native American economy,” he said. “What that means is that the sovereign lands that have been here for so long are now offering their own digital currency to people all over the world. We look at that as monumental. For the first time in history, it connects people from all over the planet to the sovereign lands.”

Corkery noted that the Covid-19 pandemic is prompting people to weigh the value of cryptocurrency and bodes well for the future of digital money. “I think that with Covid-19 and a lot of uncertainty in the market and some of the other capital market assets, people are beginning to look more at cryptocurrency,” he said. “The more people trust crypto and the better they understand blockchains, the more it will continue to grow.”

Johnson sees the future and the future is cryptocurrency, especially for those who missed the Bitcoin boom and are seeking an opportunity to benefit from the growth and the advent of NativeCoin.

“The market that we are trying to reach is for people that have looked at cryptocurrency before, missed the opportunity and are looking for something new,” he said. “They are excited about crypto. They are looking at the digital age. This is where they will find NativeCoin and we are providing that sovereign digital dollar right here and globally.”

To learn more and to purchase NativeCoin cryptocurrency please visit

About FMW Media

FMW Media Corp. operates one of the longest-running U.S and International sponsored programming T.V. brands “NewToTheStreet”, and its blockchain show “Exploring The Block”

Since 2009, these brands run sponsored media formatted shows across three major U.S. Television networks. The TV platforms reach is over 540 million homes both in the US and international markets. FMW is adding Newsmax to its broadcasting platform with its first show broadcasted on Sunday, Dec 27th

Twitter @NewtotheStreet @ExploringBlock


Bryan Johnson
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SOLANAX Private Sale Is On For The Cross-Chain DEX

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[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

The cryptocurrency market has left people wondering about the long-term growth prospects and which cryptocurrency they should invest in. Solanax is an automated market maker (AMM) based on the Solana blockchain, which is set to be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency world.

The SolanaX Platform

After parsing through their team of professionals, whitepapers, their project plans, and unique platform capabilities, there is no doubt that once the platform is up and running in full swing, it will undoubtedly change the way people transact today with its simple interface for the public to trade at a record higher blockchain speed and lower gas fees.

  • There are no time-consuming processes or intermediaries.
  • It offers a very simple interface and lower gas fees while initiating the transactions.
  • Solanax increases blockchain speed and makes it more convenient to transact than its peers in the cryptocurrency market.
  • As Solanax is based on Solana’s Proof-of-History verification concept rather than a Proof-of-Work system (as that of Ethereum’s), it will enable users to leverage Solanax’s phenomenal transaction capabilities (Solanax to handle thousands of transactions in a second as compared to Ethereum’s 15).
  • The most crucial part is that while speeding up blockchain transactions and lowering gas prices, Solanax does not compromise on the security aspect.

The Ongoing Private Sale Of Solanax

Solana blockchain is substantially faster compared to its peers, and the ongoing private sale is an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and investors to participate in this game-changer prospect.

The private sale is still ongoing until Friday, 25th June.

Total Supply: 80 000 000 SOLD Tokens

There will be 20 Million SOLD Tokens distributed before the CEX listing.

Private Sale: Total available token supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

Period: From 06/06/2021 to 25/06/2021

Token Price: $0.1 with a 3months vesting period

Token Price: $0.15 w/o vesting period

Initial Exchange Offering: Total available supply – 10,000,000 SOLD

Final Words

Solanax aims to revolutionize the DeFi exchange network and enhance efficiency levels to new highs. With DeFi gaining popularity, there is an urgent need for the industry to look beyond the older cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The sluggish transaction speed is one of the prime reasons for Solanax not preferring the Ethereum-like platforms. Besides, Solanax, with its high blockchain speed, simple interface, and low gas fees, is truly a game-changer for crypto aficionados, and Solanax’s Ongoing Private Sale presents the perfect investment opportunity for investors.


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Ethernity CLOUD: Data Confidentiality Backed By Blockchain

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[Featured Content]

It goes without saying that data confidentiality is one of the hottest topics of the decade. From mega scandals of leaked information to a constant stream of news about large corporations being victims of ransomware, there’s undeniably something lacking in the way data is stored traditionally. For the most part, at least.

The truth is that most users rely on traditional cloud infrastructure. Unfortunately, it has many central points of failure and trust, such as:

  • The centralized nature of the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • The dependency on one or numerous cloud providers for service availability
  • Centralized storage of user information

Blockchain technology and cryptography are quickly becoming a topic that many discuss mainly for its potential to disrupt a range of traditional services – data storage and cloud computing are among them.

Etherenity CLOUD is a project that envisions cloud computing infrastructure to be an environment where the data of users is hosted on a range of systems in a manner that’s both confidential and heavily encrypted. From home computers to professional-grade datacenters, any kind of hardware could be used with Ethernity CLOUD and trust that the information is private while in transition and in general.


Ethernity CLOUD: What is it all about?

If one thing is clear, it’s that centralized data servers have become a primary target for hackers. Less than two weeks ago, CryptoPotato reported that JBS – the world’s largest meat producer, paid $11 million in Bitcoin to ransomware hackers who successfully locked the company out of their data.

Ethernity CLOUD’s infrastructure software is created on top of open-source services and technologies, and the migration from standard, centralized cloud providers to it is relatively simple. This comes as a difference to other decentralized hosting solutions, which tend to be rather complex in their attempts to reinvent the wheel.

The main purpose of the project is to provide blockchain infrastructure to participants so they can run cloud software in a decentralized manner, to rent out their idle or extra hardware, and so forth – all this while also providing incentives for decentralized cloud application developers.

Data Confidentiality and Encryption

Ethernity CLOUD’s architecture is designed in a way to favor the most secure encryption and hashing algorithms. At the same time, it keeps the overhead low in order to prevent performance degradation.

The information that’s being exchanged across the network is encrypted, and the ecosystem is designed in a way that prevents the decryption of information in transit, even with the most advanced cryptographic attacks, including brute forcing and collusion.

Naturally, the encryption of the data at rest is also equally important to Ethernity CLOUD, and it was designed on a trustless business model. The information is stored across the network. However, decentralized cloud service providers are unable to access, read, modify, or even interfere in any way with the node that runs on their machine.

Members of the network, by default, are considered untrustworthy – as it is with other blockchain networks. The software code enforces and ensures the trust, which reassures the decentralized cloud users about the safety of their data.

In turn, all of the above provides ground for the following benefits:

  • Ethernity CLOUD is crucial for freedom of speech in the current internet environment where censorship is prevalent.
  • It can be used as a base infrastructure for an online library.
  • It can be the answer to competitive decentralized services or web applications that demand high availability.
  • Can guarantee high availability of online resources through avoiding single points of failure.

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Euro 2020: Earn As You Watch

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[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

Over the years, the European Championship has always been an exciting competition to look forward to for fans of competing nations and football lovers worldwide. There is the assurance of highly entertaining, unforgettable, and thrilling games as different countries compete for continental glory.

Euro 2020 has undoubtedly met expectations and fulfilled some of those promises, with so much more in the bag as the competition progresses, nearing the knockout stages. Teams like England, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Wales, and Belgium have booked their spots in the next stage, while France, Portugal, Germany, and Spain, known favorites, are yet to qualify.

Building on an impressive run of games under Roberto Mancini, Italy has a flawless run as they top their group with perfect stats. The Netherlands also has an excellent record as they pose a force to reckon with in this edition of the competition.

Belgium also showed class by maintaining a perfect record in the group stage, while Denmark, Austria, and Wales took advantage to book their spots in the next phase of the competition.

As the Euro draws near its most intense, dramatic, and thrilling peak, 1xBit, a leading crypto sportsbook and online casino, has a well-packaged competition, which is on the same plane of intensity as Euro 2020, for all viewers and sports lovers alike.

This competition is EUROMANIA. It is as fun as the name suggests. More importantly, it is highly rewarding!

1xBit EUROMANIA Competition

1xBit EUROMANIA lottery is a carefully designed competition for football lovers and viewers of Euro 2020. As the competition has its favorites, so does EUROMANIA. Many people have significantly benefited from this competition, so you should not be left out, as there are tremendous and handsome prizes yet to be won.

Additionally, this lottery is different from any other you have seen before because joining it allows you to earn crypto as you bet on the Euro. There are various sporting events, vast selection options, and mouth-watering odds.

The steps to joining are simple and direct. Log on to 1xBit, create an account, make a deposit, bet on the Euro, collect lottery tickets and win amazing prizes!

Benefits of Choosing 1xBit

1xBit is a unique betting platform distinct from others because it offers users a fantastic chance of receiving so many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Welcoming Bonus: As a new user, you get the opportunity of earning yourself a reward of 7 BTC as a welcome bonus. This reward is activated after your 4th deposit on the platform.
  • Anonymity: This is yet another benefit you enjoy using the platform. 1xBit does not require any personal information to get started.
  • Instant Payout: You get the chance to have your account funded as soon as you win. No time is wasted in processing your funds as you get them instantly.
  • Multi-currency Account: Whether you have Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, or any other supported altcoin, there is nothing to worry about as you can transact using any of this cryptocurrency.

Enjoy Euro 2020, bet, and win crypto!


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