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My Hero Ultra Rumble: Ways To Level Up An Agency Fast


Being a part of an Agency in My Hero Ultra Rumble is really beneficial, in more ways than one. Not only does it create a sense of community among players, but it also gives benefits that players can take advantage of. These benefits can help players earn more XP, Gold, or Contribution Points. With how important an Agency is, leveling it up can be challenging since the method isn’t so straightforward. Here are ways to level up an Agency fast in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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What Is An Agency In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Before we can actually do a deep dive into how to level up an Agency, we first have to establish what exactly is it. An Agency in MHUR is a group that plays off the Anime. In MHA a Hero Course Student must attend an Agency owned by a certain hero so they can obtain new fighting and work experiences. In MHUR it uses an Agency in a similar way. A group of players can take part by either creating their own Agency or joining another. The number of people that can be in one depends on the Agency’s level. Through an Agency players can earn a boost in the amount of XP, Gold, and Contribution Points they can earn. To do this certain facilities have to be upgraded.

Aid Center

The Aid Center is where you can get a boost in Contribution Points after playing a few matches. The more points you have for your Agency, the higher it can rank against other player’s Agencies and improve your League Rank. The higher up you are, the more rewards you can earn at the end of the Season.


The Gym is the number one facility that the majority of players go for when upgrading their Agency. This is where XP earned can be boosted depending on the Gym’s Level. This XP goes for any category XP is used in-game. The boost itself isn’t something to brag about, but it’s better than nothing at all.


Then you have the Agency room itself. This is where you can boost the amount of Gold you can earn by playing matches. Gold can be used to buy things such as Banner cosmetics, emotes, and voice lines for characters.

Ways To Level Up An Agency Fast In My Hero Ultra Rumble

Gaining More Members

The more members that join an Agency will ensure that an Agency progresses quickly. The members that are involved in an Agency the faster facilities will be upgraded. The end result is an Agency level up which will allow an additional member to join the Agency. It’s kind of a win-win scenario.

Don’t Donate Points Into Just One Area

It can be tempting to want to put all of your Agency Points into upgrading the Gym for XP. However the higher the level, the more XP it will cost to level up that facility. To make sure that the Agency’s level-up progress isn’t slowing down, take care of other facilities too. They all play a part in leveling up your Agency, so don’t forget about them.

Take Advantage of Events

Any event that comes along will allow you to trade in Event Tokens that you earn after completing a specific mission. Trading these in for Agency Points will help out tremendously. Sure it might suck not getting that item you want, but you can always earn those Event Tokens back.

Activating A License EXP Boost

This only pertains to players if they are in charge of an Agency. Most players know how long it takes to level up their Special License. Activating this boost will speed up the process and get more players to hop in-game to participate. The more players that play, the more points that can be earned to donate.

Playing Matches

Just simply playing matches grants you XP, especially if you’re in a party with another person. Being with someone from the same agency as you also helps out as well.

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