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My Hero Ultra Rumble Review: Strong Gameplay with Lackluster Updates


My Hero Ultra Rumble is off to a little bit of a rocky start. The anime battle royal features great gameplay, but it is plagued by bugs alongside an unfriendly gacha system. A big portion of their player base has dropped off for one reason or another — and more seem to be leaving as time goes on. Here is a My Hero Ultra Rumble Review, written a month and a half after the game’s release.

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My Hero Ultra Rumble Review: Gameplay

Let’s start with the good. The game plays excellently, rewarding skill and game understanding. Those who are unfamiliar with a battle royal have some of the mechanics simplified for them, in that dropping doesn’t requiring flying off and navigating from a plane. Instead, players simply choose their drop point and spawn right there — which makes strategizing based on the chest location essential to survival.

Each character plays very differently, offering great variety alongside team composition analysis. The moves of almost every character feel synonymous with their kit from the source material. This makes it a great game for those who are fans of the anime or manga.

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For those who suck at aiming, numerous characters offer less aim reliant kits. Though often lacking a little in the damage department, these characters, such as Momo and Ida, make for great options for players who are intimidated by aiming. On the other hand, there are numerous characters who require aiming — such as Bakugou and Todoroki, making for a great mix of shooter alongside anime brawling.

As a whole, the gameplay loop is great. My Hero Ultra Rumble plays very well, with a system that rewards skill expression.

Lackluster Updates

Avid players know the game is in dire need of bug fixes. There have been game breaking bugs plaguing the game pretty much since release. And though the developers attempted to fix many of them, the issues continue to persist. These bugs create frustrations among the community, understandably warranting many to quit the game. Others await proper fixes, but it appears the developers struggle to keep up with correcting the bugs.

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My Hero Ultra Rumble held their first new character release: Aizawa. Players were initially very excited for this update, expecting a fun character with game evolving updates. But unfortunately, the character released with a bunch of bugs. And to make matters worse, the pity system for the rolls refreshed. This leads us into the next point: Gacha.

Filled with Gacha

Though the gameplay isn’t pay to win, My Hero Ultra Rumble is first and foremost a gacha game. Players play the game to earn roll tickets. They then use the roll tickets to unlock new characters, costumes, and emotes. The rollable characters have a solid 1% or lower roll rate in the banners, making them difficult to pull.

This would be excusable if not for the lack of a properly functioning pity system. For those who don’t know, a pity system rewards players when they can’t get a unit — eventually allowing them a guarantee after a number of rolls. The issue with My Hero Ultra Rumble’s pity system is that it refreshes in around two weeks.

And since a new character costs around 200 points, with duplicate rolls only earning single digit points, it makes it near impossible to actually farm up enough pity points to purchase a guaranteed character.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Review: The Verdict

My Hero Ultra Rumble is so close to being a great game. It’s got the basis for it: amazing combat, great play variety, rewarding gameplay alongside skill expression. But it falls short due to its experience ruining bugs alongside lackluster updates. The gacha system definitely doesn’t do it any justice either.

This review didn’t even mention the terrible user interface of the home screen. It’s pretty horrid, but the gacha, bugs, and lackluster updates are even worse. It earns a solid 6/10 as a whole. For those willing to put up with the game’s glaring flaws, it’s still a wonderful time — especially with friends.

Given enough time, perhaps a year or two, Ultra Rumble may flourish into the game it should have been during launch. But until then, it’s truly a gameplay experience only suitable for a select few.

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