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My Hero Ultra Rumble: Player Survey and Feedback


My Hero Ultra Rumble developers are eager to hear the feedback from players. They recently shared a survey where the community can effectively provide their thoughts on the game. Ideally, the developers will look at the feedback and use it to improve upon the gameplay experience.

To provide feedback, click on the link here.

Within the survey, they ask about what heroes players believe to be the weakest and strongest. This will likely help navigate their balance patches in the immediate future, as the developers attempt to figure out what it exactly is that the characters want.

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And from the looks of it, My Hero Ultra Rumble player survey also asks about the monetization surrounding the game. It’s unclear how much they’ve earned thus far, but a big portion of the player base is 100% free to play. This then begs the question, are the developers earning enough to support the game’s longevity, and why haven’t players invested in the game despite the overall support?


From a players’ perspective, it does appear the microtransactions surrounding the game are a little atrocious. Players can pay hundreds of dollars and still not get their guarantee pull — in addition, the gem system isn’t the best balanced. In essence, it’s super expensive to actually pay for the pull. The rates are so unfriendly, and the lack of guarantee summon drops really do feel terrible.

In conclusion

This could very much be the community’s chance to communicate properly with the game’s developers. The My Hero Ultra Rumble player survey can realistically serve to batter improve the gameplay experience, and help the game’s longevity.

It’s also great that the developers are actively attempting to communicate with the community, and trying to understand what exactly it is they need to focus their efforts upon.

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