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My Hero Ultra Rumble New Game Mode Potentially Coming


The My Hero Academia battle royal has been out for around a month. And with the game having a pretty steady player base, the developers are looking towards the horizon to see what else they can add and improve about the game. And in a recent player survey, they asked the community about what potential My Hero Ultra Rumble New Game Mode they would like to have added.

The question stated:

Are there any battle rules you would like to see added to this title in the future?
Please select one that applies:

  • Asymmetrical battles with four players against one enhanced player.
  • 24-players vs. powerful CPU raid boss battles
  • Battles with 24 players fighting against each other.
  • Battles with 12 teams of 2 players
  • Battles with 3 teams of 8 players
  • Battles with 12 teams of 2, competing for items scattered across the map.
  • Battles with 2 teams of 12 players

Depending on how the community responds, it’s honestly very possible that there will be a My Hero Ultra Rumble New Game Mode. Of course, this likely won’t be in the immediate future. The developers should have their hands full with fixing the game’s issues and bugs — which there are honestly a ton plaguing the game at the moment.

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Whatever the case, it seems the game has a future direction and goal relatively in mind. With more new characters potentially on the horizon, and even a new game mode, the game will hopefully continue to be updated and improve from now on. If more news releases for My Hero Ultra Rumble, expect updates here at The Game Haus.

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