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MSI 2022 Day 5: Evil Geniuses Are Improving, But It’s Not Enough…


Evil Geniuses are improving with every successive game against G2, but it’s ultimately not enough as the LEC champs’ snappy wombo engage extend their winning streak.

G2 demonstrated their championship poise and pedigree by stalling out the Evil Geniuses with both intelligent map play and fancy mechanics, eventually taking the win over the North American champions. I liked EG’s call to go back to the Jinx for Danny, who has been struggling thus far against G2, and he did much better in the laning phase. G2 were still ahead in the early to mid game, despite Inspired’s invades and early pressure, due to some brilliant plays by Caps’ Yasuo and Brokenblade’s Vladimir. Despite finding a good teamfight for themselves, EG opted to take the nearby Baron instead of running bot and denying the Hextech Soul. I remember watching this and pondering if this indeed was the correct decision. However, the Baron did wonders to inject EG with the necessary gold to catapult them back into the game – momentarily…

I do not think the Evil Geniuses are used to the engage angles that G2 could capitalize off of and that is what led to yet another thrown game on their part. It was all over in an instant – a simple Flash n’ Dash combo from Jankos’ Diana to set up the wombo with Yasuo and Vladimir, and Danny just got obliterated with his Flash still up. Granted, he could have Flashed to dodge Targamas’ Flash Nautilus hook, which was disappointing to say the least, but it wouldn’t have mattered in the end. I am mighty impressed with just how fast EG’s improvement has been; with every G2 game, they push G2 to a further extremity than before, but it’s not like they are the only team that is improving throughout MSI. G2 is also improving, at enough of a pace to remain undefeated!

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  • Source: https://blogoflegends.com/2022/05/14/msi-2022-day-5-evil-geniuses-improving-not-enough/

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