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MOUZ defeat Imperial to kick off Roobet Cup campaign


MOUZ have advanced to the winners’ match of Group C following their 2-0 victory over Imperial on their opening game at Roobet Cup 2022. Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong‘s men took Nuke (16-11) after a solid CT side before completing the sweep on the Brazilians’ pick of Inferno (16-7).

The victory means that MOUZ will line up against ENCE on Friday at 19:00 with the winner securing their place in the playoffs of the online event. Meanwhile, Imperial will wait until Saturday for their next match against Eternal Fire to fight for tournament survival.

frozen was a consistent performer across the two maps

The series got started on MOUZ‘s pick of Nuke and the Brazilians of Imperial got off to a good start by taking the opening pistol and the following round before a 1v2 clutch from dexter put an early end to their streak. The European squad then strung together a few offensive rounds to briefly put them 6-3 ahead on the back of some brilliant rounds from David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský and a 1v3 clutch from Aurimas “⁠Bymas⁠” Pipiras. It took a moment for the Brazilians to come back online, but once they did, the half was turned on its head. Fernando “⁠fer⁠” Alvarenga took control of the server and pushed Imperial to a 9-6 advantage, going into the break with a 19-7 K-D.

After switching to the CT side, MOUZ quickly got the ball rolling and shut down FalleN and co. from the very beginning, only conceding two rounds on their way to take the series advantage 16-11. Following a quiet first half, Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás and Jon “⁠JDC⁠” de Castro completely turned their form around, spearheading their team’s defensive dominance.

Imperial‘s situation did not improve after moving into their pick of Inferno as MOUZ executed another fantastic CT side, taking seven consecutive rounds despite Vinicius “⁠VINI⁠” Figueiredo‘s best efforts to stop them. fer‘s form in the second map was significantly colder and the Brazilians seriously felt his absence as they crawled through a 4-11 half. Moving to the defense did not change much for the South American squad as they conceded the second pistol, creating a gap too big to be closed. MOUZ easily secured the series with a 16-7 victory.



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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/34114/mouz-defeat-imperial-to-kick-off-roobet-cup-campaign

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