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Most recent Web3 gaming push includes immutable linkages with AWS.


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Immutable, the blockchain gaming company, has announced a strategic collaboration that promises to open the doors to a wealth of game studio leads and facilitate successful deal closures. This groundbreaking partnership sees Web3 gaming platform Immutable joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking a significant milestone as the cloud service provider expands its startup accelerator programs.

In a blog post published on October 10th, Immutable proudly announced that AWS has welcomed them into the exclusive circle of companies participating in its ISV (independent software vendors) Accelerate Program. This prestigious program is designed for organizations offering software solutions that either run on or seamlessly integrate with AWS.

Furthermore, for developers interested in building on Immutable’s blockchain, there’s the exciting opportunity to become part of AWS Activate, a program offering a myriad of benefits. These include technical support, comprehensive training resources, and a generous $100,000 worth of AWS cloud credits.

John Kearney, the Head of Startups Australia at AWS, expressed his admiration for Immutable’s remarkable journey, labeling it as a shining example of a local Australian startup that has made a global impact. This partnership reaffirms AWS’s unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of Web3 game development through its robust infrastructure.

Immutable’s architecture is fortified by Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda, which are serverless services engineered to interconnect various application components through event-driven processes. This technological prowess empowers the platform to scale effortlessly, accommodating a tenfold increase in partnered games, as disclosed in their official announcement.

Questions have been raised previously regarding the centralization of gaming and its dependence on Amazon, a market leader that commands about a third of the cloud services market. Michael Powell, the Product Marketing Lead at Immutable, addressed these concerns, explaining in an article dated October 11th:

“Many ardent blockchain enthusiasts hold decentralization in high regard, insisting that everything must reside on the blockchain. However, this is a substantial departure from the actual practices of game developers.”

In August, Immutable initiated public testing of their zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) in collaboration with Polygon Labs. This cutting-edge zkEVM promises to reduce development costs for game developers while providing the robust security and network effects synonymous with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Immutable’s journey to success culminated in an impressive valuation of $2.5 billion in March 2022, following a remarkable Series C funding round that raised $200 million. This funding was primarily led by Temasek, a state-owned investment firm from Singapore.

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