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MetaMask Blocked ETH Transactions Due To Compliance Issues


MetaMask Blocked ETH Transactions Due To Compliance Issues Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

MetaMask blocked ETH transactions due to compliance issues in several jurisdictions so it turns out that the wallet edging to web3 is not as decentralized as many believed let’s read further in today’s latest ethereum news.

MetaMask blocked ETH transactions in certain jurisdictions from accessing the services and interactions so, for example, users from Venezuela and Iran started reporting problems with accessing digital wallets earlier today with many of them saying that one of the transactions was sent through MetaMask being realized. The first instances of a ban were noticed on OpenSea that locked and deactivated the users of a few Iranian users. The users from Venezuela started reporting problems as they were not able to access their own wallets with thousands of messages about this issue emerging on social media.

MetaMask addressed the issue on the support page saying that Infura and MetaMask will be unavailable in certain jurisdictions because of legal compliance. When attempting to use MetaMask in one of the regions, the users will receive a message saying that MetaMas is unable to connect to the blockchain host so while users are able to see the balances and transaction histories, attempts to interact with ETH is blocked which means that the ban stems from Inufra and the Ethereum API developed by ConsenSys.


MetaMask’s ban caused an outrage in the community and left many disappointed in the lack of decentralization and liberal use of censorship. The incident sparked a debate about the importance of using VPNs when interacting with crypto and the need for a viable alternative for the wallet.

The blockchain software technology company ConsenSys acquired the ETH wallet interface provider MyCrypto in order to integrate it with MetaMask. Announcing the acquisition in an official blog post, the company noted that MetaMask and MyCrypto will bring their efforts together to improve the security of the products and create a new user experience that will connect it on desktop, mobile and browser wallets. Right now, MetaMask boasts more than 21 million monthly active users and it is one of the most popular wallets because of stability and compatibility that provide security solutions for the users it Is also a very popular non-custodial wallet for mobile globally.


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