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League of Legends Hwei Release Date


During a recent League of Legends Dev Update, the last champion of 2023 was revealed. They had been teasing this champion as artistic but did not give much more information other than that. This has now changed as it seems likely the weapon has been revealed and the name. Say hello to Hwei, the next League of Legends champion and here’s his potential Release Date.

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League of Legends Hwei Release Date

Using information from the past release schedules, the League of Legends Hweu Release Date will be November 21, 2023, with Patch 13.23. There is a chance Hwei could release early on Patch 13.22 on November 8, 2023, as well.

The main reason for this is that the League of Legends developers have been releasing about four or five champions a year. They normally save one for the end of the year to officially release during the League of Legends Worlds Finals. This year the Worlds 2023 Finals will be on November 19.

Last year, K’Sante was released on November 2, 2022, just a few days before the Finals. They will likely follow this similar format which is why players should expect to see Hwei live on or around the previously suggested date.

Hwei PBE Release Date

When looking into the Hwei PBE Release Date, one should expect him to hit November 8, 2023, with Patch 13.22. There is a chance he could come earlier with patch 13.21 as well.

Hwei Abilities

In terms of abilities, not much is known about Hwei just yet. It sounds probable that since he is a painter and a mage that he will be using a paintbrush. Along with this, it sounds like he may be creating something that forms his attacks. The line in the recent vide, “tools needed to bring his artistic visions to life” suggests that Hwei will paint something and then it will do his bidding.

Could this be another creator or could Hwei control the elements in some fashion?

Regardless, mage players have been waiting a long time for a new champion and Hwei sounds like he will fit that bill perfectly.

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