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LCS Picks Week 1 Spring 2023


The LCS is back for the Spring with every team making changes. Some LCS teams will look completely different while others will be had made some small changes. Each of these teams will be duking it out to not only win an LCS Championship but also to get the chance to go to MSI. Here are the LCS Picks for Week 1 of the 2023 Spring Split.

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Overall Pick Record for 2023: 0-0

Pick Record from LCS 2022 Summer: 49-26

LCS Picks Week 1 Spring 2023 Day 1

100T vs. C9

By the end of the Split these two will likely be pretty closer. Problem is that this is the beginning of the Split and the team with four returning, very good, players will be the one with the advantage. Look for Berserker and Zven to take advantage of the new bot lane of 100 Thieves and for Blaber to thrive in this aggressive meta.

Prediction: C9 Win

EG vs. GGS

This game should really not be closer. GGS are not a bad team but the LCS has leveled up in a pretty big way and EG are at the top.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses Win

FLY vs. TL

This is the game of the day regardless of what anyone says. Both teams will likely go back and forth but the difference here will be experience. While yes Haeri and Yeon are both young, they have played together and being surrounded by Summit, Pyosik and CoreJJ certainly helps. This FLY on the other hand is all new or younger players except for Impact. Again this will be close but CoreJJ is deciding factor to give TL the dub.

Prediction: TL Win


For some weird reason, everyone is already counting CLG out. This makes zero sense as they really started to showup during the 2022 Summer. They still are not necessarily talented as many other teams but they are the only five-man squad to stick together. DIG added big names in Santorin and Jensen but the team cohesion of CLG will be what puts them over the edge in week 1.

Prediction: CLG Win


Battle of the bottom teams, TSM and IMT will be looking for the right to call themselves not the worst in this matchup. TSM are the better team on paper and are bringing back three members who were a part of the 5th place squad from last Summer. IMT will play well but ultimately Chime or Maple will make the big play to push TSM over the top.

Prediction: TSM Win

LCS Picks Week 1 Spring 2023 Day 2

CLG vs. EG

Until EG lose they will be favored. They have the better player in every position although Luger is closer to FBI than many people may think. This game may be a bit of a struggle for EG at the start because it is week 1 but look for them to come out on top due to a pure talent differential.

Prediction: EG Win

C9 vs. GG

Golden Guardians certainly upgraded and if Gori and huhi can be the difference, great. The problem is that they were not in the same ballpark at C9 last year and their team is basically the exact same. Unless Blaber or Diplex int themselves off the edge, C9 should take this one.

Prediction: C9 Win

TSM vs. TL

This will likely be a much closer game than people think. TSM are not terrible but the gap in the jungle is just too much. Look for Pyosik to runover Bugi to help TL come out on top.

Prediction: TL Win

100T vs. Immortals

After a rough first loss to C9, Doublelift gets his first win in his return season. IMT just do not have the experience nor the firepower to hang with a team as good as 100T. There is always chance things go wrong in week 1 but 100T win this matchup 98 times out of 100.

Prediction: 100T Win

FLY vs. Dignitas

This will be another game that is closer than most people think. Santorin and Jensen are wily vets afterall. The problem is that FLY will own both ends of the map. Impact trumps Armut and Spawn and Biofrost just won’t be able to hang with Prince and Eyla. Again this will be a bit closer than FLY fans would like but expect them to take home the win.

Prediction: FLY Win

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