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IOV Labs Brings Blockchain to Philippine Businesses


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By Shiela Bertillo

IOV Labs, an information technology services firm, publicized recently that it will be launching its RSK smart contract platform in the Philippines. Alongside the RSK platform itself is the launch of the RSK Philippines community, which will be active on Facebook and Telegram. 

RSK Enterprise, a pioneering open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network,  aims to decentralize a business’ IT functions, and enable organizations to embrace the benefits and take full advantage of blockchain technology.

Additionally, using the Bitcoin ecosystem to enable smart contracts for businesses allows RSK to process up to 100 transactions per second using the RIF Lumino network, all without sacrificing the benefits of decentralization. With these, the RSK platform will make it easier for businesses to transact in Bitcoin.

IOV Labs Brings Blockchain to Philippine Businesses News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
IOV Labs Brings Blockchain to Philippine Businesses

“By using RSK, we bring business logic to the world of Bitcoin and help businesses participate in the future of finance,” said Estelle Reynal, Asia Partner and Adoption Marketing Manager at IOV Labs. 

She noted that RSK “will be a big step not only for companies that want to streamline their IT operations but also for those that want to start accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment.”

Moreover, Blockchain usage has also increased in various industries, crediting its capability to securely store data in a decentralized, accessible manner. For instance, in the healthcare  and logistics industry, wherein blockchain is used to securely and efficiently transfer medical records and for proficiently tracking fleets, keeping tabs on inventory in real-time, and organizing transport records respectively.

“The RSK platform and its use of the blockchain will prove useful for logistics companies, delivery companies, remittance companies, and more,” Reynal explained. “Its ability to help businesses easily scale up while still keeping their data secure will be key for any business that wants sustainable growth.”

The RSK Philippines Community will connect to their cpatrons through their Facebook page and Telegram group, where the team behind the RSK platform will be relaying the latest updates regarding the RSK platform, such as upgrades made to the operating system or any events coming up.

“We highly encourage people to join our groups, which can be found on our official website. There will even be an event coming up on September 16, which we use our social media channels to announce,” Reynal said. “People following our Facebook page and Telegram group will not only be the first to hear what’s new with RSK, but they’ll also be the first to receive various airdrops exclusive for our community.”

IOV Labs looks forward to bringing blockchain to Philippine enterprises and creating a safe, inclusive community through their channels. Having already served millions of users around the world, the Philippines is hopefully next in a long-line of places that have benefited from using the RSK.

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