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Introducing Whip Season

Introducing Whip Season

Something is coming. There’s a screeching noise that’s getting louder, and the ground starts to shake. What’s that faint, familiar smell in the air? It almost smells… like… burning rubber?

Friends, these are the signs that the season is quickly changing, and something big is coming into crypto town fast. And my magic crystal ball tells me that it’s a promising NFT called Whip Season.

I. What is Whip Season?

What exactly is Whip Season (WS)? It’s an online NFT-backed drag racing game that allows you to compete for fabulous prizes. The first prize being when one super lucky NFT minter will walk away with a whopping 25 Eth!

That’s just the beginning. Our platform will provide you with all the tools you need to build and customize your dream ride. Apart from having the chance to participate in exciting races, our community will have the privilege to help design race tracks as well as new vehicles.

So, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up! We don’t want you to miss it; this will be one hell of a ride.

II. Etymology

For those unfamiliar with the name of our NFT, a bit of a history lesson first: Since the late 20th century, “whip” has been slang for a car. When the first steering wheels were invented, they were initially called a “whip”. This is because people had been accustomed to using whips to control the horses pulling a carriage, and given that the steering wheel controlled the vehicle, it was referred to as a whip.

Then more recently, various hip-hop artists noticed that the Mercedes Benz logo looks like a steering wheel, and by association, some people started calling any high-end cars “whips”.

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Asked why they chose Whip Season as the name of their upcoming NFT drag racing game, one of the co-founders said: “I have always thought of whips as a decked out, shiny, customized car, which is what we are creating here.”

“These are aggressive, fast, high-performance vehicles, so whips characterize them perfectly in my mind. Whip is also a verb meaning to drive a car, so since this is a racing game it fits nicely,” he explained.

The co-founder shared that they then added the word season, as they feel this would be the beginning of a new fad or era in crypto, similar to the altcoin season and the L1 (layer 1) season.

III. Why We Chose to Launch an NFT Racing Game?

Queried on why they decided to kick-start such an NFT game, he revealed that they wanted to fill a gap for outstanding crypto racing games.

“Personally, I had been looking at other car NFTs and was wondering why a quality crypto racing game was not out yet. There were a couple of horse racing games, and some NFT car projects with various 3d art, but tons of people in crypto are into nice cars and love racing so it seemed like a natural fit,” expounded the co-founder.

“I am building the thing I want — A kick ass drag racing game backed by gorgeous art that began as 3d generated models, which can then be used in the game,” he said, adding that they want to start with a base product, distribute ownership, and empower NFT holders to shape the game’s future via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Another thing that sets Whip Season apart from other NFT racing games is that our game allows users to race against their friends head-to-head, with the smart contract automatically awarding the prize to the winner.

Given that this is crypto, the co-founder said that they want to embrace core community values, given that crypto communities are builders and creative dreamers. This means wild gamification, and having big rewards for high stakes races, in addition to a wide array of upgrades and customizations.

IV. When Will the NFT And Drag Racing Game Launch?

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While we want to launch our NFT as soon as possible, we want to give our talented professional car designer ample time to create eye-catching vehicles that you will be proud to call your very own. Nonetheless, you won’t have to wait long as we expect to launch the Whip Season NFT by late November 2021.

By then, we will release 10,000 pieces of ERC721 whip keys, each of which will unlock a single Genesis Whip. Most of the keys will sport a standard black finish, but a small percentage will feature gold and holographic designs that will unlock some extra special vehicles.

Three weeks after the whip keys have been minted, we will release the vehicles. These will come in various rarity, with different vehicle base types, colors, accents, effects, tones, wheels, aerodynamics, backgrounds, and performance ratings. There will also be various collections that can be acquired for bonuses, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises just yet.

These whips are special because even though the shown NFT is a 2d flattened image for the best quality art, each of them represents a 3d model that we plan to use in our game. That means we will have the ability to directly import your whips into our gaming engine and adjust for peak graphics performance, while you will eventually be able to play with your vehicle.

Two months after your wheels are revealed, we plan to release the Alpha version of our game. At present, we are working with senior game developers, who have vast experience with big name desktop and mobile gaming studios. While our Alpha version will be browser-based, we have reached out to some of the major gaming aggregate platforms to talk about incorporating a proper NFT authentication mechanism to support a thick client version of our game for a more robust and immersive player experience. Another goal is to provide a sandbox for players to enable them to build new potential tracks and vehicles.

V. What to Expect Next?

Our introductory article probably has left many questions unanswered in your mind. But rest assured, we will release more details about the project, including how to secure a whip earlier to avoid an Ethereum gas war and how to enter our raffle for 25 Eth.

Thank you for reading our maiden article. Catch us again tomorrow for the next segment of “As the Whip Rides

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