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Introducing Ignite Tournaments®

Introducing Ignite Tournaments, the world’s first play-to-earn esports tournament organization and streaming app which gives gamers the power to organize their own tournaments for any mobile-compatible game, farm cryptocurrency, and win NFTs that they can trade directly in the Ignite Tournaments mobile app.

Built on Moonbeam within the Polkadot ecosystem, gamers will be able to enjoy Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility, blazing fast transaction speeds, low transaction fees, and cross-chain interoperability which will enable the seamless transfer of assets across multiple blockchains.

Level up your mobile gaming experience and transform any pre-existing mobile game into a play-to-earn game via Ignite Tournament’s play-to-earn tournament layer. From first person shooters to MMO strategy war games, create your own tournaments and compete with your friends or anyone worldwide using the Ignite Tournaments app.

With mobile-compatible play-to-earn games, Ignite Tournaments adds a second layer of play-to-earn tournament functionality. Farm $TENKA and win NFTs while simultaneously earning in other play-to-earn games.

In exchange for providing liquidity to the platform, additional DeFi staking functionality will distribute ecosystem rewards in $TENKA to staked token holders and further empower $TENKA governance via the Ignite Tournaments community.

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Year after year, mobile gamers spend over $120 billion on in-game items that have no inherent value. Unlike NFTs, in-game items and in-game currency only provide true value to the game publisher — not to the gamer who spends their hard-earned money to compete in the game.

Currently, gamers are only rewarded with in-game items and in-game currency when they compete in recurring tournaments within mobile games. Moreover, very few mobile games hold real esports tournaments with real prizes, and when they do, payouts can take up to 4–6 weeks to receive.

If you’re a gamer from a developing nation which doesn’t have a good exchange rate with USD, you can also expect to lose a significant portion on currency exchange and banking fees — the prize pools simply aren’t equitable.

Ignite Tournaments is here to revolutionize mobile gaming with play-to-earn tournaments.

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Instead of paying to play, gamers around the world can now play-to-earn in their favorite mobile games by using Ignite Tournaments to organize an esports tournament right on their phones.

No matter who wins or loses the tournament, everyone earns.

And if you’re playing in a native play-to-earn game such as Illuvium, you’ll get to earn NFTs and tokens from two play-to-earn ecosystems at the same exact time.

Ignite Tournaments enables gamers, tournament organizers, and game publishers to stream and organize an esports tournament for any mobile game without the need for direct game integration.

So long as it’s a mobile-compatible skill-based game such as Call of Duty: Mobile or Splinterlands, you’ll be able to create a play-to-earn tournament using our app.

Some of our features include:

  • Functionality to organize an esports tournament anywhere in the world for any mobile-compatible skill-based game
  • Streaming, social networking, native chat functionality
  • On-chain NFT prize generation for each tournament
  • Staking $TENKA on-chain in tournament prize pools and farming more $TENKA for the entire duration of the tournament. Regardless of who wins or loses, everyone will earn the $TENKA that they farm during the tournament.
  • NFT marketplace
  • Guild creation, management, and tournament functionality
  • Anti-cheat / anti-bot prevention via tournament result verification
  • Automated match adjudication and pay-outs in games via direct game integration
  • EVM-compatible
  • Token governance via DAO

Sound exciting?

Join us on Discord and Telegram to learn more.

We can’t wait to ignite your games.

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