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India Wins Kabaddi Gold at Asian Games 2023 After Dramatic Final


Welcome to the exciting coverage of the 2023 Asian Games Kabaddi Final between India and Iran! In the final match of the men’s Kabaddi event at the Asian Games 2023, India faced off against Iran in a thrilling contest.

The game was totally changed in the second half, leading to a dramatic suspension of play.

India vs Iran Kabaddi Final Score 2023 Highlights

Kabaddi India beat Iran with score of 33-29 in Asian Games 2023

  • Score is tied in the last minute of the game at 28-28.
  • The controversy started when Pawan Sehrawat, went for a critical “do-or-die” raid.
  • There was a dispute over whether Pawan was out of bounds without being touched by the Iranian defenders.
  • This disagreement led to a review, with India claiming four points and Iran seeking a point for Pawan’s raid.
  • Initially, the decision awarded one point to each team, which led to both Pawan and Bastami of Iran being declared out.
  • However, this decision was later changed, creating confusion. According to the old rules, India should have received four points because Pawan went out. Iran argued that the new rule only allowed one point each.
  • The situation became chaotic, and the AKFI secretary-general intervened to review the video footage.

Eventually, it was decided that both teams would receive one point each, following the new rule. This decision resulted in a tie, with the score at 29-29, increasing the tension in the final moments.

The game was suspended as Indian players continued to protest the decision.

Despite a challenging start where Iran took a strong lead, India fought back, securing an “all-out” against the Iranian team to lead 17-13. However, Iran made a comeback in the second half, leveling the score before the dramatic incident involving Pawan’s raid.

In the end, India emerged as the winner, claiming the gold medal in Kabaddi at the Asian Games 2023 after a nail-biting final filled with unexpected twists and turns.


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