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India Chases Big eSports League Glory and Major Prize Pots


Revenant eSports, representing India, made a groundbreaking victory by securing a spot in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023.

This accomplishment represents a win for the team and indicates India’s burgeoning position in the global eSports arena. With global tournaments offering lucrative prizes and prestige, India’s presence on such esteemed platforms marks a significant turning point.

A snapshot of Revenant eSports’ journey

Starting with a dominating performance in India’s regional league during early 2023, Revenant eSports tallied a whopping 564 points, earning their entry to the Brawl Stars Championship 2023: Last Chance Qualifier.

They showcased sheer prowess by defeating Rising Sun eSports SEA and Datos F/A, furthering their victorious journey to the main stage by outplaying Reconic eSports SA. This victory secured their participation in the Brawl Stars World Finals, set to take place as a key highlight of DreamHack Winter 2023 in Jönköping, Sweden.

However, the second Indian contender, Marcos Gaming, couldn’t emulate a similar success, ending their journey at the bottom of their group.

India’s mark on Asian games 2022

India’s eSports talent isn’t just making waves in the Brawl Stars Championship. The country prepared to display its prowess at the Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou, China. Making history, the Asian Games officially incorporated eSports as a medal event. Despite challenges like the pandemic-induced postponement and licensing disagreements leading to the exclusion of popular titles like Hearthstone, India remains undeterred.

India’s representatives in Street Fighter V, Mayank “MiKeYROG” Prajapati and Ayan “AYAN01” Biswas, have a legacy of victories. Similarly, Charanjot Singh and Karman Singh Tikka, the EA Sports FC Online contenders, reached the Asian Games through their commendable performances at the National eSports Championships. With a robust six-member team set for League of Legends, India is ready to face international competition.

eSports in India: More than just a game

According to a 2022 report, the industry, valued at $40 million, is projected to skyrocket to $140 million by 2027. From 2021 to 2022 alone, active eSports players quadrupled in number, and by 2027, India might boast an eSports community of 1.5 million players. This remarkable growth can be attributed to affordable gaming devices, a young demographic, and increased internet access.

Emerging trends in the eSports industry highlight the country’s unique gaming ecosystem. The industry’s appeal transcends urban boundaries, drawing players from metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas. In-app purchases and subscription models are becoming the norm, motivating developers to innovate continuously. And it’s not just about local tournaments anymore. Global competitions with attractive prize money are making headlines, further solidifying India’s place in eSports.

The future is bright

The Indian cultural influence on gaming choices, combined with a focus on health and well-being, creates a diverse and inclusive gaming environment. The ecosystem is evolving with stakeholders, including regulators, working harmoniously, suggesting a future rich with opportunities.

India is no longer a mere participant in global eSports; it’s a formidable contender. With teams like Revenant eSports setting the stage and international tournaments offering significant prize money, India is gearing up to claim its stake in the big leagues.


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