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HYBSE, GMEX and MINDEX collaborate to list the world’s first Multi-Asset Stable Token in Mauritius

Asset backed by ownership in the founding companies and stable assets primarily Gold Mauritius, London 21 February 2019.  Following the recent joint venture launch in Mauritius between three visionary companies in October 2018, newly created HYBSE Marketplace Limited (HM) brings to centre stage a worlds first digital multi-asset stable token “MAST”. With fast growing global interest in collateralised tokens leads to the advent of new regulations in Mauritius to enable digital marketplaces and digital custodians, HM is providing investors, interested in developing a portfolio of digital assets, access to primary listed and secondary tradable asset backed tokens that will support

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Asset backed by ownership in the founding companies and stable assets primarily Gold

Mauritius, London 21 February 2019.  Following the recent joint venture launch in Mauritius between three visionary companies in October 2018, newly created HYBSE Marketplace Limited (HM) brings to centre stage a worlds first digital multi-asset stable token “MAST”.

With fast growing global interest in collateralised tokens leads to the advent of new regulations in Mauritius to enable digital marketplaces and digital custodians, HM is providing investors, interested in developing a portfolio of digital assets, access to primary listed and secondary tradable asset backed tokens that will support this innovative trading ecosystem grow.

The first instrument to be issued will be the MAST products, full multi-asset backed tokens which will provide investors with a diversity of managed risk, as each asset class is underpinned by an integrated framework of strategic portfolios. Initially, MAST will be composed of ownership interest in the founding companies; HM, GMEX, MINDEX, fully gold backed DIM Currencies and stable gold coins. Three different categories of the MAST packages have been designed and enable investors to adapt their portfolio according to individual risk appetite.

HYBSE Marketplace incorporates the latest technological advancements for the financial sector with three core elements; Security with GMEX market surveillance adaptors, provides access for total regulatory oversight for a secure trading environment; Decentralisation through public ledger provides transparent and secure methods of transacting digital assets across the platform; Scalability on the Catapult Engine allows for modular design and high-frequency trade volumes.

Hirander Misra, Chairman of HYBSE Marketplace, GMEX and MINDEX, says “With the GMEX Market Advancement Programme (MAP) we are keen to find ways to work with partners to bring innovative solutions to the market. Asset Tokens, which are fully backed, brought to the market on a regulated exchange and stored in a regulated digital custodian bring a level of regulation and oversight not previously available for institutional investor needs.”

“We are delighted to be launching MAST on the HYBSE Marketplace in Mauritius, as we strongly support the enabling regulatory framework which is being established in the country for digital marketplaces and digital custodians. We are convinced that this new framework will put Mauritius firmly on the global map as the natural home for innovative technologies in the digital assets space,” he added.

The official MAST ATO will commence on Thursday 21 February 2019. Secondary trading is expected to begin on the HYBSE on Q2 2019. The ATO will be available for investment by sophisticated and expert investors.

Accredited participants who are interested in obtaining a stake in this revolution, can follow the link provided;

A detailed and comprehensive breakdown of the above can be found within the MAST Blueprint, found on the MAST website.

— end—-

HYBSE Marketplace: Public Relations Contacts:


Samantha Seewoosurrun

(+230) 5772 4400

United Kingdom

Melanie Budden

+44 (0)7974 937 970


Uroš Trajković

+27 (0) 87 701 0914


Mauritius as a jurisdiction recognizes Digital Assets as an asset class for investment by Sophisticated and Expert investors. We strongly recommend investors to seek out independent financial and legal advice before engaging in any sought of business endeavour. Investors should fully ascertain the risks prior to committing any funds for investments.

Announcement to all investors: Regulatory Duties

It is the responsibility of investors that want to purchase or hold the tokens described in this offering to research and inform themselves on all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. This includes tax consequences with respect to purchasing, holding or selling these Multi Asset Stable Tokens (MAST) Tokens. Our company is not offering any legal, financial or business advice. In case of any doubts or questions, Please contact us.

Investors must comply with all laws and regulations concerning know-your-customer, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti- Terrorism financing that may apply to them. Investors must obtain any permissions, approvals or licenses needed in order to purchase, hold or sell any MAST tokens under the laws and regulations to which they are subject or in each jurisdiction in which they may purchase, hold or sell MAST Tokens. We never sell to sanctioned countries.


The MINDEX ecosystem comprises of:

  • MINDEX Holdings Limited – The holding company for the MINDEX ecosystem.
  • MINDEX Clearing Limited – operates as the central counterparty (CCP) clearing house regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) to clear all trades executed on MINDEX Limited.
  • MINDEX Limited – operates a multi-asset Securities and Derivatives Exchange regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).
  • MINDEX Spot Limited – The marketplace for the electronic trading of standardised physical and digital spot commodity contracts for gold, precious metals and other commodities
  • MINDEX Vault Limited – The forthcoming secured storage depository solution for gold and other precious metals.
  • MINDEX Refinery Limited – The forthcoming world class smelting, refining and recovery of gold and other precious metals to the highest standards.
  • MINDEX Realty Limited – the real estate arm of the MINDEX ecosystem responsible for construction and operation of the refinery, vault, office building and warehousing facilitating the safe storage of gold, digital assets and other commodities.

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About GMEX Group

GMEX Group (GMEX) comprises a set of companies that offer leading-edge innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets, providing business expertise, the latest technology, connectivity, and operational excellence delivered through an aligned partnership driven approach. GMEX uses extensive market infrastructure experience and expertise to create an appropriate strategic master plan with exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, registries, and warehouse receipt platforms. GMEX also offers the added benefit of interconnection to multiple partner exchanges, to create global networks of liquidity.  GMEX Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMEX Group.

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The Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) is an online blockchain based exchange platform. It permits the buying and selling of cryptonized-equity in the new era of cryptocurrencies. The use of blockchain technology allows participants to cut out many of the intermediaries that are associated with traditional exchanges. While traditional exchanges serve participants from specific geographical locations, the HYBSE is open to all participants globally.

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About the DIM Foundation

The DIM Foundation is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the marketing, public relations, customer care and oversight of the DIM brands (DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies and future DIM denominated coins). DIM X is a cryptocurrency converting platform. The DIM Foundation is registered in Singapore.

The regional DIM Foundation will be responsible for:

  • Collecting donations for the DIM Ecosystem
  • Creating events for the DIM Ecosystem and attending blockchain events
  • Launch marketing campaigns for the DIM Foundation
  • Attract businesses into the DIM Ecosystem
  • Becoming a central meeting point for ambassadors and promoters.

For more information, visit

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Binance Coin, Dash, Synthetix Price Analysis: 17 January

Republished by Plato



Binance Coin looked to revisit $38.72 as the price failed to hold up above its present resistance. Dash formed a symmetrical triangle on the charts and presented the possibility of a breakout above $135.69 resistance while SNX reversed course and fell by over 12% after hitting record levels.

Binance Coin [BNB]

Source: BNB/USD, TradingView

Binance Coin retested $41.8 and moved lower as the bulls failed to lift prices towards $44.82 resistance. Prices could revisit the $38.72 support if the fall continues over the next few trading sessions. If the price rises, that would present an upside of $44.82. However, indicators favored the bears and suggested that a move towards immediate support could be a likely outcome.

The MACD was on the verge of a bearish crossover as the signal line eyed a move above the fast-moving line.

The Awesome Oscillator agreed with the MACD and indicated that momentum was shifting towards the bears.

Dash [DASH]

Source: DASH/USD, TradingView

Dash flashed red at press time, as prices traded at $121.84, down by 3.87% in the past 24 hours. A look at the 4hr chart showed that the price had formed a symmetrical triangle, and a breakout could be witnessed over the next few trading sessions. A bullish outcome could see the coin’s trading price rise above its immediate resistance and target a move above the next resistance at $135.69. On the flip side, a downward breakout could see the coin move below support $113.1.

The Stochastic RSI moved in the oversold territory and signaled a potential pullback if the index reverses direction.

The Parabolic SAR’s dotted markers were below the candlesticks and indicated that the price action was in an uptrend.

Synthetix [SNX]

Source: SNX/USD, TradingView

Synthetix hit an all-time high of $17.24 but immediately dropped by over 12% in the last few trading sessions. For now, losses were cut short at $14.63 support, but a fall below the present defense would confirm a bearish pullback.

The Relative Strength Index pointed downwards from the neutral zone. If the index moves into the oversold region, the price could follow suit and drop towards $13.41 support.

The MACD witnessed a bearish crossover as the price fell from record levels. The red bars on the histogram suggested the likelihood of a further pullback in prices.


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Former Ripple CTO may have lost much more than $220M in Bitcoin

Republished by Plato



David Schwartz, current chief technical officer at Ripple, is responding to reports his predecessor had lost access to hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin. 

In a Quora post on Thursday, Schwartz said recent reports about former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas forgetting the password to an encrypted hard drive containing thousands of Bitcoin (BTC) were true, but added Thomas had also lost access to hundreds of coins when the crypto asset was young.

The Ripple CTO said his predecessor used to test the development of a Javascript library for Bitcoin by using real coins when the price was well under a dollar.

“He would create unspent outputs with ‘1.0’ Bitcoin because that was the fastest and easiest number to type,” said Schwartz. “He likely created hundreds of such accounts, none of which he retained the keys for because they were just for quick experiments. Each of those accounts is worth $38,000 or so today.”

Even just one hundred of these accounts at 100 BTC would mean the coins within are worth more than $3 million. The price of Bitcoin has fluctuated between $30,000 and $40,000 since reaching an all-time of more than $42,000 on Jan. 8.

Last week, a New York Times profile on Thomas said that the German-born programmer has used eight out of ten attempts to guess the password to access an encrypted hard drive containing 7,002 BTC. He has only two guesses left on the IronKey hard drive before the data — and funds — are seemingly lost.

Schwartz confirmed the story on Quora, saying Thomas had put aside the coins, which were part of a payment for creating a video. However, he questioned the $200+ million figure cited by major news outlets:

“I believe today [Thomas’ Bitcoin is] worth about $114 million. I’m not sure where the $240 million number is coming from — maybe I’m remembering wrong.”

There are many similar stories of long lost Bitcoin from early in the coin’s development. Last week, Cointelegraph reported that a student had found private keys to access more than $4 million worth of Bitcoin at his grandfather’s house over the holidays.


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Monero Price Analysis: 17 January

Republished by Plato



Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice

The Monero market has been descending over the past couple of days. The overall trend in the market has not been actively bullish, and for Monero the trend has turned to a bearish one. As the price climbed down the price ladder, the market may witness more bearishness.

At the time of writing the price of Monero was $152.24.

Monero daily chart

Source: XMRUSD on TradingView

The Monero chart has been showing that the price has been dropping after it hit the resistance at $170.89. This retracement has been currently testing the support at $151, and the price has been witnessing a strong downward pressure.

As the value of the digital asset continued to see a push and pull at the level, it may force the price to sink further down to the second support at $146. This would be an opportunity for traders to make a profit.


The 50 moving average has already been spiking above the candlesticks highlighting the downtrend of the coin. The RSI has moved closer to the overbought zone from the equilibrium zone, which suggested that the sellers in the market were growing.

Meanwhile, the MACD indicator was noting a rise in bearishness in the market. The strong red bars were growing and have continued in the market for a few days now. Whereas, the MACD line although under the signal line for a couple of days now, was witnessing its gap grow.

Crucial levels

Entry: $151.02
Stop-Loss: $156.78
Take-Profit: $145.10
Risk-to-Reward: 1.03


The current market conditions indicated an increased bearishness in Monero’s price action. As the digital asset trades close to the support, and if it ends up breaching it, the coin’s price is likely to drop to the next level of support at $146 which will, in turn, provide only a minimal profit to the short traders.


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