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How XRP Could Skyrocket Past the $20 Mark: Analyst Weighs In


  • Egrag’s analysis signals bullish potential for XRP despite a broader market downturn.
  • Maintaining a price above the $0.48-$0.43 range is critical for XRP’s upward trajectory.
  • Successful breaching of the $0.58304 resistance could ignite a rally, targeting $2.

In the midst of fluctuating crypto markets, XRP remains in the spotlight. Esteemed analyst Egrag’s latest evaluation unveils optimism for the coin, even though its value has recently dipped. As of now, XRP stands at $0.49, experiencing a decline from its early October peak. However, Egrag remains bullish about XRP’s prospects.

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Highlighting the XRP monthly chart, he identifies a bullish pennant pattern, which he deems incredibly optimistic. Egrag asserts that XRP’s price could ascend rapidly after this consolidation phase. If it breaks out positively, a whopping surge to above $24 might be in store.

On the weekly spectrum, post Ripple Labs’ legal win against the SEC, XRP had a momentous breakout. Yet, global economic factors and the general crypto downtrend stalled this momentum.

Egrag stresses the significance of the $0.48-$0.43 price bracket. Slipping beneath this could plunge XRP to levels last seen in 2017. But if it remains resilient, a rally towards $2 might not be far-fetched.

Egrag’s daily insights urge XRP enthusiasts to look at the broader picture. The currency might waver between $0.4719 and $0.5119, but the real game-changer would be a breach of the $0.5738 mark. This is the gateway to a significant rally, with potential sights set on $1.4694.

Conclusively, the future seems bright for XRP. With its unique positioning and Egrag’s bullish outlook, this crypto might just be on the brink of rewriting its own narrative.

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