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How climate change is affecting human and natural systems, test your knowledge of artificial intelligence


In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we explore how climate change is affecting human and natural systems with Noah Diffenbaugh, who leads the Climate and Earth System Dynamics Group at Stanford University in California.

Diffenbaugh is editor-in-chief of the new journal Environmental Research: Climate, which is published by IOP Publishing (which also produces Physics World). He talks about the aims of the journal and how will it help us better understand climate change and its effects.

Also in this episode, Physics World’s Tami Freeman quizzes me on artificial intelligence and how it is being used in medical physics. Try the questions yourself and see if you can beat my score.

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  • Source: https://physicsworld.com/a/how-climate-change-is-affecting-human-and-natural-systems-test-your-knowledge-of-artificial-intelligence/

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