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Gambling and Online Casinos Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the gambling industry internationally. Nevertheless, the gambling sector still managed to transform to a certain extent and retain some of its profits due to the transition to the online format.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Culture and Gambling

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone on our planet. Affected not only the personal and social aspects of life but also the world economy as a whole. Many sectors of the economy have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus. And the gambling sector is no exception. Almost everyone had to adapt to new realities, figure out how to keep their regular customers.

Thus, many gambling establishments moved to the Internet platform, and bookmakers, including 22Bet betting, began to change the offer lines in order to bypass the prohibitions and not lose profits.

Read our article to see how successfully casinos manage to cope with the arisen difficulties.

Sports Betting During the Coronavirus

Since the government of most countries restricted mass events, it’s also affected sports betting. The pandemic has caused great damage to this area. Many championships, tournaments, and leagues have been postponed.

Players are now turning to other alternatives for a sports betting experience. For example, many people are interested in esports as an object of betting. Thus, there was a partial transition of players to e-sports and match simulators. What’s more, several illegal sites offer bets on the number of daily COVID-19 cases. Sounds pretty reckless, doesn’t it?

Changing Gaming Habits

That’s not only the change in the market supply in the gambling industry. There has also been a change in people’s gambling habits. In some countries, there has been a renewed interest in web platforms. According to statistics, in the UK, online sales grew by about 17%. 

Recent studies have shown that a third of the surveyed players tried one or more online gambling for the first time during the lockdown period. 

Compared to the same period last year, data show that products with faster game cycles, such as slot machines, are seeing an increase among users. 

The number of recorded bets on virtual sports increased in 2021 compared to 2020. Also as did the average number of gambling sessions per hour. A third of online bettors say health and emergency conditions influenced their decision. The survey also showed that the main motives for people to gamble were winning money, having fun, and wanting to pass the time.

Impact of the Coronavirus on the Gambling Sector 

Experts argue that the revenues of the global gambling industry declined by 11% in 2021. For example, in Italy, there was a decrease in profit from rates by about 59.3%. At the same time, this trend has been accompanied by an increase in online sales revenue. 

Some Canadian operators report that the online casino industry has grown 77% over the same period in 2019. 

An analysis of financial transactions of 250,000 Australians showed that their spending on gambling increased by 67%.

Land-Based Casinos During the Pandemic

Obviously, land-based casinos have suffered the most during the pandemic, as this is a place where a large number of people gather. Casinos that continue to operate during the lockdown are required to adhere to the requirements below. 

  • Mandatory wearing of a mask by clients and staff. 
  • Availability of hygiene products available to customers and employees.
  • Placing information posters and stickers about the coronavirus in prominent places.
  • Availability of instructions in several languages, depending on the expected visitors.
  • Mandatory cleaning and disinfection of areas that are constantly touched by clients and staff. 
  • Minimizing the use of any type of shared object.
  • High-quality ventilation of the room.
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