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After a four-month-long call for entries, Galería Paloma recently celebrated the announcement of the inaugural Paloma Digital Art Awards winners. The ceremony, held at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5 on November 10, 2023, honored exceptional digital art across four distinct categories.

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Paloma Digital Art Awards Winners

Photo for the Article - Galeria Paloma Digital Art Awards Winners Announced
Galeria Paloma with the artists whose works are part of the Digital Art Awards

The competition featured four categories: Solo Artist (Still Work and Video Work) and Group/Collaboration (Still Work and Video Work). The winners in these categories are as follows:

Solo, Still Work: Gio Karlo, ‘Pamana’

According to Birondo, his work “Pamana” captures the essence of our heritage, intertwining the struggles of the country’s forefathers with the aspirations of a modern Filipino child.

Birondo also describes ‘Pamana’ as a tribute to the Filipino spirit, connecting history with the future, ensuring the legacy of past generations endures.

Solo, Video: Jarrett Cross Pinto, ‘Pwede Po Magpahinga (?)’

Jarrett Pinto’s video piece, ‘Pwede Po Magpahinga (?)’, arises from his personal experiences of information overload and burnout.

It reflects on the dual nature of technology as both a facilitator and a stressor in modern life. The artwork symbolizes the balance between embracing technology and the need for rest and reflection.

Group/Collaboration, Still Work: Mark Agarin and Mae Liza Montibon, ‘Restart’

Photo for the Article - Galeria Paloma Digital Art Awards Winners Announced

Restart’ by Mark Agarin and Mae Liza Montibon explores themes of personal growth and societal change. The artists interpret ‘Restart’ as a call to reevaluate approaches to love and preservation in an ever-changing world. 

Group/Collaboration, Video: Jaime Lucas Felimon and Armie Loraine Corpuz, ‘Calle Historia’

Felimon and Corpuz’s ‘Calle Historia’ pays homage to heritage buildings as vital components of Filipino culture and identity.

The artwork emphasizes the nation’s responsibility to preserve these cultural landmarks. Additionally, the physical version of ‘Calle Historia’ incorporates an Augmented Reality layer, viewable through the Artivive app.

NFTs and Prizes

Photo for the Article - Galeria Paloma Digital Art Awards Winners Announced
Galeria Paloma (Right) and Mintoo (Left)

Galería Paloma has announced that the winning artworks in the competition have been minted on Objkt and Mintoo, the NFT platform partner of the competition. In addition, the winners of each category received a cash prize of ₱50,000, gifts from the awards’ sponsors, and opportunities to have their artworks included in future exhibitions.

Competition Judges

In a media release, the art gallery noted that the panel of judges, selected by the directors of Galeria Paloma, embody a diverse perspective spanning both traditional and digital realms of art.

  • Kenny Schachter: A multi-disciplinary artist and columnist for
  • Talenia Phua-Gajardo: CEO and founder of, a global art and design consultancy firm and online gallery
  • Michelle Gray: CEO and founder of Culture Vault, a web3 curated digital art platform, marketplace, and creative agency
  • Trickie Lopa: Co-founder of Art Fair Philippines and Art in the Park
  • Eric Paras: Designer and founder of Artelano-11

Paloma Digital Art Awards 2023

This year’s theme, ‘The Past Holds the Future, the Future Holds the Past,’ draws inspiration from a quote by national hero Jose Rizal. Open to Filipino citizens aged 18 and above, the competition witnessed a diverse array of submissions.

In addition to Objkt and Mintoo, Galeria Paloma partnered with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Nono’s, Artivive, Artelano-11, Palladium, and Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) to host the awards.

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