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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Wish List

ESTNN breaks down our Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 wishlist! Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 debuted in March,…

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ESTNN breaks down our Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 wishlist!

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 debuted in March, offering players entirely new weapons and mechanics to learn. Additionally, Epic Games continued to flex its collaborative muscles, expanding its already impressive cast of characters, including Lara Croft, Raven, Deathstroke and more. After three months of “Primal” action, it’s time to turn the page to another season of the iconic Battle Royale title.

An extraterrestrial vibe has settled around Chapter 2 – Season 7, with much of the premature evidence pointing toward an alien theme. Apart from the rumored UFO abduction and unique alternative reality game (ARG), details are scarce. As millions of players prepare for the next installment, ESTNN has compiled a wish list for what we hope to see in the new season. Let’s highlight some features that Epic Games should consider in Fortnite’s newest season on June 8!

More Points of Interest, Perhaps Classics?

A screenshot of the Grotto location from Fortnite, a facility in a cave near the water.

Fortnite Chapter 2 marked the first appearance of iconic points of interest (POIs) such as Misty Meadows, Catty Corner, Slurpy Swamp and Sweaty Sands. These four drop spots and some others have rightfully earned themselves a place in history. The problem thus far with Chapter 2 is two-fold; there are not enough named locations and the new ones generally are not very appealing.

Season X was the last of Chapter 1, and it featured countless POIs that were both unique and offered their unique incentive. Chapter 2 – Season 1 and beyond refined the map with each passing update, but the landscape remains essentially the same. It would be fun to see more classic locations such as Lazy Lagoon and The Block return. Reviving Chapter 1 locations would fulfill a nostalgic need and open the map up much more. Even throwing in The Grotto would be an exciting addition.

Expand Lobbies to 150 Players

Many Fortnite players engage in a battle over a blue crate with a yellow balloon over it.

Fortnite public matches are not what they were in the game’s prime. Nowadays, lobbies die out much quicker, making pubs less enjoyable than before. There is a solution that Epic could consider to reinvigorate casual game modes. Increasing lobby sizes to 150 players might do the trick. With only 100 people on the map, many die off the spawn and some are typically bots. That leaves only a handful of real players to fight.

Expanding the lobby size is not a newfound idea. In fact, several reputable content creators have suggested the same fix. It’s all on Epic Games to recognize and address the issue. We’ll have to see what the developers have to offer as we hope to see Fortnite return to the public match glory it once enjoyed.

Arena Mode Incentives per Division

A line of emblems for Fortnite's Arena Mode are pictured with one colored brightly on a purple background

Fortnite’s Arena Mode is the game’s ranked playlist, where players can progress through three divisions; Open, Contender and Champion. Those who achieve the Champion Division guarantee themselves a position in all subsequent tournaments that season.

Unfortunately, that is about all Arena Mode accomplishes nowadays. Most current Arena matches, regardless of the game type, functions similarly to public matches where players fall swiftly. Players typically cite a lack of incentive to try and play for late-game.

Epic could improve on Arena Mode’s current landscape to offer different in-game cosmetics per division like Rainbow Six: Siege. In that game, players progress through the many divisions to unlock a charm for their weapon. Something similar would be ideal in Fortnite, considering all of the cosmetic possibilities. Players would also take each match more seriously.

The Perfect Shotgun Meta

Three different shotguns from Fortnite appear on a yellow background with white action lines around them.

It’s challenging to argue that Fortnite’s foundational weapon is the shotgun. Most players settle their battles in a close-quarters combat situation, meaning that the perfect close-range weapons are imperative. The last few seasons of Fortnite have featured a wide range of shotguns. Season 5 introduced the new Lever Action and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, which sat in the same loot pool with the returning Charge and Tactical versions.

Epic Games brought back the Pump Shotgun and added the Primal and Makeshift variants in Season 6. The perfect balance of Shotguns is crucial to any outstanding Fortnite season. A meta that features the Tactical, Pump and Charge would be ideal. That way, players have a range of options, each with its unique properties.

More Collaborations

Master Chief's Fortnite skin appears with colorful lines shooting from behind him, with a Fortnite logo and XBOX logo shown too.

If there’s one thing Epic Games has delivered on over the last few seasons, it’s the many crossovers and collaborations. Since Chapter 2 – Season 4, players have had the opportunity to play as Marvel Comics characters such as Thor, Iron Man and Groot, movie characters like Predator, Alien and the Terminator, and video game icons Master Chief, Kratos and Lara Croft. What the developers are doing is nothing short of spectacular, and we are here for the experience.

Some other rumored collaborations are on the horizon, including potentially Samus, Lebron James, Loki and even more. The more inclusive Fortnite becomes, the more the game will grow into the most expansive universe in gaming history. Let’s keep that train rolling forward.

100% Chest Spawns

A yellow treasure chest from Fortnite emits a bright yellow glow

A particular euphoric sensation rushed through Fortnite players when Epic implemented 100% chest spawns in Chapter 2 – Season 1. One random element within the game evaporated as a result, and players could always find a chest. Unfortunately, that has since changed, and Epic Games never looked back. Many casual and competitive players agree that 100% chest spawns are better than the alternative.

The chest spawn rate currently sits between 50% and 70% in Chapter 2 – Season 6. It leaves a lot to chance as players descend on their chosen drop spot. Most Fortnite players would love to see 100% chest spawns return once again.

Patch Notes

Two white wrenches are crossed with action lines shooting from them for Fortnite patch notes on a yellow background

Like 100% chest spawns, patch notes are a no-brainer request. Epic Games abandoned actual patch notes well over a year ago and hasn’t looked back. Creator patch notes are an idea the company explored over the last few seasons, but those seem to have stopped. More recently, Epic began using @FortniteStatus to communicate changes. Perhaps patch notes ran their course, but fans and players would love to see them return.

What are you hoping to see in the new Fortnite season? Let us know on Twitter @ESTNN!



Anthony Pompliano Shares His Thoughts On The Bitcoin Downturn





Bitcoin crashes 20% leading to blood in the streets. A bounce at $28.8k during early evening GMT was followed by a strong surge taking BTC back above $30k.

The $30k-$31k zone has proven to be strong support over the past month or so. But can Bitcoin close the day above this level?

Currently, market sentiment is in extreme fear. But in an attempt to settle the anguish, Bitcoin-bull Anthony Pompliano tweeted his thoughts on the situation and what he’s doing at the present time.

Pompliano Takes A Long-Term Bitcoin Outlook

By his own admission, Pompliano states he’s an “atrocious trader” and doesn’t look to time markets. Instead, given his long-term view on Bitcoin, and a belief it will increase in value over time, his strategy is to accumulate by dollar-cost averaging in.

“I‘m not a trader. I don’t look at charts and I don’t try to time markets. If anything, I’m an atrocious trader who is guaranteed to lose 🙂 I have a very long-term view of the asset and believe it will continue to accrue value and adoption over the next few decades.”

Pompliano explains that this means buying Bitcoin at regular intervals, regardless of its price. This might mean buying when the price is high, or when it’s low. The overriding factor, as he puts it, is “time in the market is more important than timing the market.

Taking all of this into account, short-term dips are of no concern because one day he intends to hand his Bitcoin to his grandchildren.

For that reason, Pompliano spins the current market dip into a positive situation, in that, it enables him to aggressively accumulate.

But What About The Short-Term Picture?

Regardless of the long-term view, what will happen in the near future is of concern to many people.

Analysis of longs vs. shorts shows traders are overall long at a ratio of 7:3. Of the three platforms concerned, Bitfinex traders are overwhelming long with only 9% of trades short. Whereas BitMEX traders are pretty much evenly split with a slight bias to the shorts.

Bitcoin longs vs. shorts


Technical analysts are posting mixed ideas. Wicktator believes the current support zone will hold, triggering an impulse move higher to $100k.

“Anticipating the next bull run to surpass the all time highs!

Entry: On lower timeframe, wait for the break of the descending trendline to break and get your entries in and stops below the low.

Goodluck and Trade safe!”

Bitcoin TA


noted bullish divergence on the RSI, which may point to a reversal. However, given the intensity of the breakdown since mid-month, he concludes instability in the markets. In turn, he expects a pullback of between 10%-15% in the short to medium term.

Bitcoin TA


The coming days and weeks will be a real test for those who claim to have diamond hands.


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Bitcoin Fundamental Tool Produces Worst Reading Since the Bull Run Began





Bitcoin has given the worst Puell Multiple since this bull run began. The coin has been on a downward spiral lately. News of crackdowns out of China. Miners having to find alternate locations for their activities. Mining facilities are airlifting their mining rigs out of China to the U.S. China also issued a ban on digital currency transactions. The country ordered banks to block all transactions involving crypto.

There have been record crypto liquidations taking place. With approximately $1 billion pulled out of the market overnight. Crashing prices along the way. A culmination of these events has led to the worst Puell Multiple reading in recent months.

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This has dragged the Puell Multiple down to a staggering 0.81. The lowest it has ever been in eight months.

The Puell Multiple is the ratio of the daily value of the issued coin in USD divided by 365 days moving average of the daily value of issued coins in USD.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Falls

With so many miners out of commission in China, the bitcoin hash rate has fallen dangerously low. The hash rate for BTC has been below 105 billion for two days in a row. The seven-day average dropped down to 129.1 million exahashes on Tuesday.

the total computational power used to secure transactions on the blockchain is the bitcoin hash rate.

This is the lowest that the hash rate has been in over six months.

Bitcoin chart from

Bitcoin price falls as hash rate falls | Source: BTCUSD on

This is a direct result of the ban on crypto mining in China. Entire regions have shut down their mining farms. With the remaining mining farms in other regions poised to follow suit. Sichuan’s initiative making the list for the clampdown of mining operations.

State-run electricity companies have been asked to make sure that no crypto activities are being carried out.

Number Of Daily Issued BTC Falls

The number of daily issued bitcoin has fallen.

The number of bitcoins mined per block fell to 6.25 after the last halving. With about 144 blocks mined each day, this added up to about 900 bitcoins mined each day.

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With the recent crackdowns on mining, the number of BTC issued each day has fallen. This is due to the fact that a lot of miners are offline. So, this means that not enough blocks are being hashed. Due to not enough computational power only to solve the complex equations required to process bitcoin transactions.

Roughly 700 bitcoins were issued into the market in the last 24 hours.

This number translates to a 22% decreased in the number of bitcoins mined.

This leaves a lot of uncertainty in the market regarding the future of the coin. And the market in general.

Featured image from Nairametrics, chart from


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‘Bitcoin’s six-week run of outflows has been driven’ by these factors

Republished by Plato



The Bitcoin market was witnessing strong sell-offs for over a month now. On Monday, the largest digital asset plunged to its monthly lows of $31k, triggered by the ongoing crackdown by China. This has spread panic among investors.

Over the past week, Bitcoin outflows totaled a massive sum of $89 million, while the bitcoin outflows value hit $487 million for the year. This was 1.6% of assets under management as indicated by the data offered by CoinShares.

Source: CoinShares

The above chart indicated that the top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum were both noting a higher selling pressure in the current market.

This was the third consecutive week of outflows for the entire crypto market and it amounted to $79 million leaving the market. Researchers have termed this as ‘the longest bear run in outflows since February 2018’. Currently, for June, the net outflows remained high at $210.5 million with another week left of the month.

According to Matt Weller, global head of market research at

“Bitcoin’s six-week run of outflows has been driven by the combination of environmental concerns and an increasingly antagonistic regulatory environment in China. With these themes still in effect and prices subdued, it may be a while before we start to see another period of sustained fund inflows.”

Following China’s crackdown, authorities in one of the largest Bitcoin mining provinces, Sichuan ordered the closing of the cryptocurrency mining projects. Owing to such negative sentiments in the market, BTC value has remained low at $32k, at the press time.

Data from also suggested ‘Extreme Fear’ in the market and its value has fallen to 10, suggesting more fear than greed.


Bitcoin has now lost almost 50% of its value since the peak observed in April.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency was also seeing minor outflows of $1.9 million last week. In the previous week, it reported a total outflow of $14.6 million, which was restricted compared to Bitcoin’s outflows. Ether outflows represented only 0.14% of assets under management, suggesting the negative sentiment had remained focused on Bitcoin.

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