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Floki’s Latest FlokiFi Locker Upgrade Preps to Make Its Mainnet Launch 


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Floki holders are gearing up for a huge Floki Fi Locker uupgrade. In detail, the release date is inching closer and Floki is ecstatic to introduce a whole new suite of functions to its users. To help guide them, Floki shares an informative post online.

In particular, the post, as we can see from above, talks about what users can expect. Specifically, it mentions how this upgrade will introduce several significant features.

FlokiFi Locker Upgrade Marks Pivotal Moment

The first of these features is native payments. This feature will allow users to make payments using various native tokens such as ETH, BNB, or the native token of their chosen supported blockchain. This is in contrast to the previous version where only stablecoins were accepted. Thus, Floki’s enhancement in payment options bloomed.

Next, users can leverage its referral program. To highlight, FlokiFi Locker is introducing a referral program that enables users to earn rewards by referring projects or users to the protocol. In fact, teferrers will receive a 25% commission on each lock they refer, automatically deposited into their wallet. This presents a lucrative opportunity for additional income, especially for those referring larger asset locks.

Following this, the post mentions a burn functionality. On this, the upgrade will enable users to burn tokens or LP (liquidity provider) tokens directly through the FlokiFi Locker interface. This user-friendly feature aims to simplify the token burning process, making it more comprehensible for retail users. Users can share a link to the FlokiFi Locker page to showcase the tokens or LP tokens burnt.

Additionally, users will see a feature called lock extension. Here, users will have the ability to extend the locks on their LP or token holdings before the original lock expires. This will provide increased flexibility and control over their assets.

Lastly, the post talks about V3 LP locks and new integrations. The upgrade brings compatibility for V3 LP locks across all supported blockchains. Additionally, the protocol is set to integrate with new blockchains, promising further expansion in the future.

Therefore, this upgrade marks a pivotal moment for #FlokiFi Locker. It comes with the potential to significantly accelerate its adoption and contribute to the growth of the broader Floki Ecosystem.

To ensure the utmost security and reliability, the renowned blockchain security firm Certik is currently conducting audits of the upgraded protocol. Once the audits are completed and the enhanced protocol is deemed secure, the upgrade will be deployed to the mainnet.

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