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FC Barcelona Rejects Big Players, To Create Their Own Crypto


FC Barcelona Rejects Big Players, To Create Their Own Crypto Blockchain, News, NFTs PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
  • FC Barcelona is planning on launching its cryptocurrency and metaverse.
  • FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta revealed that their innovations are the reason why they declined to partner with other crypto companies.
  • The soccer club is looking forward to releasing a range of NFTs soon.

FC Barcelona declined offers to partner with various crypto companies, revealing they want to develop their digital currency.

During the Mobile World Congress, FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta disclosed that the club wants to create its crypto as it competes to “survive financially” against soccer clubs owned by huge corporations and foreign investors.

After sharing the club’s intention to create an in-house cryptocurrency and metaverse, Laporta stressed that FC Barcelona is different because it can survive from what it can generate through its sport.

Unlike the majority of soccer clubs, FC Barcelona is owned and operated by its fans. Rather than shareholders, the responsibility to govern the club falls in the hands of around 160,000 members.

We do not have big corporations or shareholders behind us. That forces us to be imaginative, innovative, brave, and be a step ahead in many areas that surround the sports industry.

Moreover, Laporta mentioned that the club is set to launch a range of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) soon. Laporta is hoping that this particular venture will be actualized soon, adding to the club’s finances.

It is still uncertain what the soccer club is planning to do with their crypto; it can be a form of partner token or a payment method for tickets and merchandise. Nevertheless, President Laporta assured fans across the globe that everything will be shared with them in due time.

FC Barcelona’s connection with fans using new technologies is nothing new for the team. They have the Barça Studios, where audiovisual content is created and marketed. They also have an eSports team that actively competes in various competitions.

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