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FaZe defeat OG 2-0 in Roobet Cup opening series


FaZe tallied a victory in their opening Roobet Cup bout against OG, which sets the top squad in the world up against BIG, the other Group A winner, to advance to the playoffs in the GSL style group stage. OG, on the other hand, will face Entropiq for a shot at making the decider match.

The two squads hadn’t faced each other before with their current cores, but it was OG who were coming in hot form after a 3rd-4th place finish on LAN at BLAST Premier Spring Final with victories over ENCE and Natus Vincere, while FaZe blundered against G2 and Natus Vincere to finish in 5-6th place.

The series wound up being a two-map affair, with FaZe taking the first map amply to go on and sweep the match on their own pick, albeit in a contested final map of Overpass that went the distance.

Twistzz had a strong showing with a 1.60 rating

The series kicked off on OG’s map pick of Dust2, and it was Nemanja “⁠nexa⁠” Isaković’s men who took the initiative by winning the pistol round on the attack. FaZe struck back with guns on the CT side, but weren’t able to run away with the lead as the OG kept it within one by halftime despite a strong performance by Helvijs “⁠broky⁠” Saukants.

That would be about it for OG on their map, however, as they won only one single CT round to go down 8-16, their backs against the wall ahead of their rivals’ pick.

FaZe went into their own map, Overpass, full of confidence from their strong attack on Dust2, and grabbed a 6-1 lead before OG finally stabilized, turning things around and winning a seven round streak to take the lead at the half, 8-7.

The map was no walk in the park for FaZe, however, as OG put up a fight after switching over to the attack as they won six rounds throughout to bring it to the brink. In the end it was to no avail, as FaZe pushed through winning the final two rounds from a 14-14 tie to take in thirty and secure the series.



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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/34108/faze-defeat-og-2-0-in-roobet-cup-opening-series

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