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Fantasy Football Rookie Team Names


Each year there is a struggle to not just field the best team in fantasy football, but also have the best team name. Here are good fantasy football rookie team names.  (Note: Some of these names will not be appropriate for everyone.)

See Ya in the Hall of Fame (Breece Hall)- Hall has a long way to go, but he is the rookie running back with the easiest path to early production.

Gangs of London (Drake London/Gangs of London)- London just happens to share his name with one of the world’s most famous cities.

Shot of Jameson (Jameson Williams/Jameson Irish Whiskey)- Jameson is a cool first name and he should be sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Shot of Skyy (Skyy Moore/Skyy Vodka)- Another player with a perfect name for an ad deal.

Golden Corral (Matt Corral/Golden Corral)- Matt Corral shares the last name with the buffet-style restaurant.

Ty Davis-Price is Right (Ty Davis-Price/The Price is Right)- In the 49er’s offense, his chances of constant production is the same as winning a game show!

Walker Texas Ranger (Ken Walker/Walker Texas Ranger)- Walker has a last name Chuck Norris would love.

Slim Pickens (George Pickens/Slim Pickens)- George Pickens has NFL bloodlines, but his name is shared with an actor from Blazing Saddles.

Haskins Robbins (Hassan Haskins/Baskin Robbins)- If Haskins is on the roster and fans think about ice cream a lot, like this author, this is a natural team name.

For Whom the Bell Tolls (David Bell/Metallica)- Whether it is being used to reference Metallica or Ernest Hemingway, David Bell opens up a lot of avenues for a team name.

Do You Wanna Ring the Bell? (David Bell/Rocky 3)- Apollo and Rocky spar at the end of Rocky 3 when this line comes out.

Grab Your Magic Wan’Dale (Wan’Dale Robinson/Harry Potter)- I’m no Harry Potter fan, but Wizards need wands.

What You Talking About Willis? (Malik Willis/Different Strokes)- This phrase started in Different Strokes and has extended into many different areas of pop culture.

Get These Doubs (Romeo Doubs)- “Doobs” may be fun to say, but it is actually pronounced “Dubs”.

I’m Likely Going to Win (Isaiah Likely)- Isaiah Likely is a good player, but may be more well known for his last name/jersey meme.

Elementary My Dear Watson (Christian Watson/Sherlock Holmes)- Watson will likely play a big role in the Packers’ offense and has a last name that fits in with an old Sherlock Holmes quote.

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