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لیست ردیف اسلحه موبایل Apex Legends: نسخه انتشار جهانی


For any battle royal, understanding which weapons provide the best results serves imperative to winning. Of course, each player has their own preferences, but there are definitely some weapons that stand out among the rest. Noticing which guns those are as fast as possible while looting helps players capitalize on leads, and set up for that most important final circle. So to help players out, here is an Apex Legends Mobile Gun Tier List provided by ZillionGamer on ق.

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لیست ردیف

Apex Legends Mobile Gun Tier ListApex Legends Mobile Gun Tier List

They use the Alphabet system: S, A, B, C, D to assign each weapon into their own tier:

  • S – Best weapons to pick up and very easy to use.
  • A – Powerful weapons to pick up and easy to use.
  • – Good performance and challenging to use.
  • – Decent performance and difficult to use.
  • – Pick up when you have no other weapons.

This is the best sniper in the game. But the likelihood of picking the weapon it is rather slim. As a care package only loot, don’t assume this item will come easy. As a whole, Kraber’s damage absolutely chunks. A head shot can one shot practically about anybody. If ever coming across this particular item, definitely make sure to pick it up.

R-301 Carbine

As a close range weapon, the R-301 is arguably the best assault rifle in the game. The best asset is its high damage and low recoil, allowing it to excel in those face to face dog fights.

صلح بان

This shotgun is similar to the Kraber, where it’s a care package only exclusive. And since it’s the best shot gun in the game, if players come across this particularly juicy piece of loot, make sure to pick it up.

در نتیجه

Hopefully this listed provided some useful insight to the weapon dynamic in Apex Legends Mobile. There aren’t که many weapons in the game quite yet, so it’s not too much of an information overload. For more Apex Legends coverage, make sure to stay connected here at The Game Haus.

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