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Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: نسخه انتشار جهانی


Taking the world by storm, Apex Legends Mobile released in an phenomenal state, impressing practically everyone who played it. And when playing such a competitive game, players can’t help but wonder which characters are the strongest. So to help players analyze the current meta, here is an Apex Legends Mobile Tier List, created during the Global Release. There are two tier lists, one catered towards Solo Queue, and one towards more coordinated play. Analysis of notable picks will be provided as well.

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Keep in mind, every Legend has their own pros and cons. Therefore, this list shouldn’t discourage players from just maining what they what to play. 

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Solo queue

لیست لایه های موبایل Apex Legends

بررسی اجمالی

Something to keep in mind for solo queue in Apex Legends Mobile is that a lot of players don’t really work together. And for those that do, they don’t really know چگونه to work together. What results is often miscommunication alongside mistakes all across the board when forcing team plays. Therefore, a lot of the selfishly focused playstyles are generally ranked far higher in this specific tier list.

Now moving onto analysis of some specific picks.

Octane (S tier)

This Legend is شاید the strongest in the game in solo queue. His speed boost provides him way too much utility. And in Apex Legends Mobile, speed is the name of the game. The faster a player can reach the loot, the stronger they become. The faster a player positions around the enemy, the better the skirmish goes. There’s pretty much an endless list of pros for moving fast in this game. And Octane is the fastest.

In addition, his jump pad is incredibly useful. The noise it makes does set off some opponents, but it’s highly unlikely players are good enough at using the aiming system to snipe players out of the sky. This allows Octane to reposition without a cinch, while benefitting his allies simultaneously.

All the A tier and higher have some semblance of movement speed steroids. 

Wraith (S tier)

Popular in both the PC version and mobile, Wraith dominates solo queue. The invisibility makes it practically impossible for players to hit her. After all, the skill prevents the auto aim system from helping the player. This on its own is more than enough to outplay a large portion of the player base.

Mirage (C tier)

Once again, just because a pick is placed in the C tier, doesn’t make them unplayable. The Legends are ranked against each other, with certain Legends simply providing stronger advantages. That isn’t to say that the C tier picks don’t have their own benefits.

Anyway, Mirage’s decoys are really hard to manage. It’s very rare to run into a Mirage player that properly utilizes his clones, often resulting in the player overestimating their capabilities thanks to their “cover.” Hate to see it happen, but it happens quite often. The Legend is difficult to manage alongside play with, often resulting in confusion for the user and their teammates alike.

Lifeline (C tier)

Supports in Apex Legends are placed in an awkward position. The game often prioritizes offensive action and fast movement over stationary healing more times than not. That doesn’t mean a Legend like Lifeline’s abilities are completely useless. On the contrary, they’re super useful when attempting to contest specific circumstances. And since Lifeline’s revival drone creates a shield, she’s hands down the most Legend useful for resurrecting allies.

But the issue is if allies go down, they’re typically in a very precarious predicament. Running in and trying to heal them more often than not just results in death, with or without a shield. The right decision is almost always prioritizing selfish positioning, and attempting to take offensive actions rather than defensive. At least in solo queue, where cooperation is super difficult.

Gibraltar (B tier)

This Legend is an excellent pick when playing با a premade team. Since his dome creates a shield that absorbs all damage for a set period of time, allies can rush in and pop a phoenix kit to completely turn a fight. The timing fits perfectly to do so. But once again, the issue is most players in solo queue wouldn’t know to do that. Therefore, the dome often just becomes a random indicator for the enemy to give off Gibraltar’s position, rather than providing much utility for his entire team.

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List: Full Party

لیست لایه های موبایل Apex Legends

لیست لایه های موبایل Apex Legendsلیست لایه های موبایل Apex Legends

بررسی اجمالی

As mentioned before, Full Premade teams play vastly differently than solo queue. With properly communicated coordinated plays, many of the previously lower ranked Legends perform far better in the right team composition. And, surprisingly, some of the more powerful picks drop in priority due to their primarily selfish play styles. Without much further ado, here is some analysis for full party queues.

Gibaltar (S tier)

When attempting to create the best team composition possible, Gibaltar is practically always a necessity. The shield he creates allows teammates to essentially gain a moment to breathe. And in that small window of opportunity, the entire team can realistically heal to full and gather themselves, allowing for far strong team play thereafter. The reason he’s ranked lower in solo queue is that most players won’t coordinate with their allied Gibaltar’s shields. But in a properly communicative full party, Gibaltar is easily the best Legend to have on a team.

Wraith (S tier)

This particular legend is amazing in both solo queue and coordinated teams. Since both allies and Wraith herself can take her portal, the added mobility allows for some great coordination. In addition, her invisibility allows for great positioning advantages during big gun fights, providing versatility to round out a Gibaltar pick.

Octane (C tier)

So this Legend is one of the best in Solo Queue. But when it comes to team coordination, Octane definitely falls off. He’s one of the, if not the most, selfish Legend in the game. The speed buff allows him to traverse the map very well, but the pick definitely has a tendency to love running off on his own. Yeah, he can use his jump pad with allies as well, but a skilled player can still hit airborne targets. Therefore, the Jump Pad provides far less utility than Wraith’s portal, especially when attempting to create coordinated team plays.

Lifeline (B tier)

Now in coordinated teams, Lifeline definitely plays better. Supports are definitely still in a bit of a weird position in Apex Legends Mobile, but when recooperating under Gibaltar’s shield, a lifeline heal and resurrection can really come in extra clutch. Still definitely a strange pick, since it performs better when playing from behind. And playing from behind in Apex Legends Mobile is pretty much like planning for failure, which doesn’t pan out so well.

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And that’s the end of this article! Hopefully the analysis alongside Apex Legends Mobile Tier List provided useful information for players. Don’t forget, the first tier list caters for solo queue, which definitely plays vastly differently than when playing with a very coordinated full premade team. Each Legend has their own place in the meta, so don’t disregard that and label a pick trash just because it’s placed lower in the list. For those who enjoyed the content, be sure to stay tuned with The Game Haus for more updates on Apex Legends Mobile.

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