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League of Legends BelVeth کیست؟


Most fans who have been following any news around champions know that the next League of Legends champion will likely be the Void Jungler. That is just it though. Until recently, many have believed the name of this new champion to be unknown. Now with teasers getting leaked, it seems as though the Empress of the Void is ready to reveal herself. Here is who League of Legends BelVeth is and what is known about her so far.

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The Void’s last addition came in the form of Kai’Sa. Since then the Void has been pretty quiet. While Viego tried to take over the world in search for his beloved wife there was nothing really mentioned about those from the Void. Now it would seem as though the Empress of the Void will be making her appearance.

After biding her time BelVeth is ready to try and consume the world. She will use the other void champions like Malzahar, Vel’Koz, Kai’Sa and more. What will come next is still to be seen.

As of right now, there have only been teasers for BelVeth. Nothing has been confirmed about her name, abilities or even her appearance. That being said, leaks have surfaced.

The belief right now is she will look like a manta ray with a humanoid head. As was seen in the teaser that was leaked but not official she has an extra eye in the middle of her forehead. She is also associated with the Lavendar Seas. Whether that will be in her kit or just part of the lore is still yet to be seen.

همچنین وجود داشته است leak of her potential kit. While this is not known for sure it seems to align with what is known about BelVeth so far.

Lastly, it is believed that her release skin with either be Battlecast or Battle Boss. While not lining up with her exactly, the potential for these skins could be extremely fun.

There is no doubt that BelVeth will be joining soon. Regardless of her name, abilities, skin or anything else, the one known aspect is that she is coming.

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