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قسمت 99: دیوید گرینبرگ در مورد تصمیم گیری در بازارهای فرار


ژوئن 24، 2022

While the OODA Loop was been heralded in the domain of conflict,
we often find the concept in business and there is no greater
business analogy to dogfighting that David Greenberg’s experience
as a trader on the floor of the world’s largest physical
commodities exchange. David’s job required rapid decision making
based on constantly changing information and the mental fortitude
to move onto the next decision and rapidly learn from both
successes and mistakes. In addition to his work as a trader, David
also guided the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) through its
largest period of growth and through a digital transformation.

In this OODAcast, David shares his story and talks about how to
make decisions in complex environments, but also developing the
mental resiliency to deal with rapid change and impactful mistakes.
David also shares his experiences from 9/11 and how one tiny
circumstance saved his life and re-focused his energy on helping

بیو کامل:
Mr. Greenberg is the President of Greenberg Capital. He served as
an Executive Board and Board Member of the New York Mercantile
Exchange (NYMEX). He oversaw a decade of its largest growth from
$800 million to $12 billion. Notably, at the time it was the
world’s largest physical commodities exchange. While at NYMEX,
David was the Chairman of the Corporate Governance, Marketing,
International Expansion, Electronic Trading and Security
کمیته ها

Mr. Greenberg’s twenty years as President of Sterling
Commodities shaped the firm into one of the largest local
clearinghouses at NYMEX.

Mr. Greenberg served as Director of Development for Executive
Education at Florida Atlantic University. As a seasoned speaker, he
has graced the podiums of the country’s most prestigious colleges
and universities: West Point Military Academy, Columbia Business
School, New York University, Syracuse University’s Whitman School
of Business and Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch School of
کسب و کار.

He currently serves on the Executive Committee of Junior
Achievement of South Florida and the Leadership Council for the
United Negro College Fund of South Florida. Mr. Greenberg is a
graduate of Connecticut’s Suffield Academy, where he later served
on the board. David is a graduate of Syracuse University.

In addition to his successful career in significant advisory
capabilities, he is a globally renowned and noted market analyst
and media contributor. Having appeared on CNN, Fox Business News,
Bloomberg and CNBC, Mr. Greenberg is often quoted on times such as
the present. Mr. Greenberg’s expert opinions can be found in The
Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and other

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