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EQIFI — Community Powered Global Banking




When thinking of a bank, the image of a traditional and trustworthy institution enters the mind. Throw digital assets into the mix and brick-and-mortar building revolutionize into something high tech and exciting. Those who hold digital assets are accustomed to limited variety in how their investments are managed, but with EQIBank, this has completely changed.

EQIBank is an international, digital bank and financial services organization that launched in 2015. Specifically catering to high net-worth individuals, EQIBank has a range of products that exist in one space. Like traditional banking institutions, the core value of EQIBank is trust.

Clients are served through three global businesses: private banking, commercial banking, and digital asset custody. EQIBank allows clients to bank globally from one digital platform. All accounts are online, in one bank, giving people the freedom to move money between their accounts seamlessly.

Bitcoin BTC

Accessible in 180 countries, EQIBank is undoubtedly a world leader in the digital banking space. As the demand for cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the way digital assets are managed.

EQIBank has met this demand through the launch of EQIFI, a community-powered global banking system. Additionally, the problems that exist within centralized and traditional banking methods have been addressed and arguably resolved through the community-governed products and services offered by EQIFI.

EQIBank in a nutshell

“The mission of EQIBank is to support innovative approaches to building a more interconnected banking world, with a focus on breaking historical banking limitations and providing financial freedom through an innovative approach to the offshore world,” the bank says.

In total, EQIBank offers clients five interconnected services. EQIBank also offers digital private and business banking solutions that are carefully tailored. EQIBank’s three global businesses are:

  1. Corporate bank: a hub for corporate and commercial clients.
  2. Private bank: focuses on private customers across all segments.
  3. Digital asset custodian: continuously pursues its objective of becoming one of the top ten digital asset managers globally, by providing an innovative suite to support digital asset clients.

Bridging the gap between fintech and DeFi with EQIFI

EQIFI fills the gap between the world of traditional finance and decentralized finance. This global financial protocol stands by its value proposition that all products and services should be uniformly available and delivered digitally.

EQIFI allows traders, investors, developers, exchanges, and app users within the entire ecosystems of digital asset, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to borrow against multi-type assets without selling.

According to EQIFI, apps have the option of borrowing assets to use in the Ethereum ecosystem without needing off-chain activity or having to wait for an order to close. Miners can borrow against a selection of collateral while speculators may utilize various trading techniques.

DeFi Coins Bounce

EQIBank is shaping the global digital asset management movement through decentralized financial alternatives to traditional financial products.

Democratizing finance is at the forefront of this project. Digital financial alternatives are more readily available than ever with EQIFI. For the less tech-savvy, EQIFI aims to make use of assets and other innovations in the digital asset space while providing access to a digital banking platform for those wanting a haven for their cryptocurrency.

EQIFI is a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing for ETH, ERC-20 tokens. These include wrapped bitcoin (wBTC), Stablecoins, and select fiat currencies. It provides a single uniform platform for DeFi products with EQIBank bank accounts, loans, custody, debit and credit cards, OTC, and wealth management.

EQIFI is different from competing projects and protocols in that it is partnered with EQIBank, which is a fully licensed and regulated digital bank. The project’s infrastructure is optimized for real-time interactions, meaning EQIFI is pioneering the demand for dynamic digital technologies.

The EQIFI Protocol has created a transparent, open, and secure DeFi market. Through the issuing of loans, credit, and investments, EQIFI has reached an expansive audience with its offering.

The four DeFi products of EQIFI

  1. Fixed-rate product: pooled loans at a fixed interest rate that settle on a specified future date. Users provide collateral in the form of ethereum (ETH), wBTC, StableCoins, or select fiat currencies (which are converted into StableCoins) in pools, with fixed rates attached. Through a smart contract, an algorithm sets the interest rate.
  2. Variable-rate product: featuring algorithmic borrow rates, this product makes the marketplace automatically responsive to change across the network, based on user activity and demand, increasing levels of borrowing from the token pool. Increased demand automatically increases interest rates.
  3. Interest rates swap: These are a DeFi forward contract where one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another, based on a specified principal amount. Interest rate swaps usually involve the exchange of a fixed interest rate for a variable interest rate or vice versa. This is done to reduce or increase exposure to fluctuations in interest rates. This product minimizes the volatility of variable rate lending and certain money market products.
  4. Yield aggregator: an automated aggregator of all leading external yield farming products, making yield farming simple and automatic. It is designed for those new to the DeFi and yield farming sector and those who are familiar with it.

EQIFI’s licensed services

Clients of EQIFI have access to a hassle-free banking experience for day-to-day needs. These include:

  • Current and savings accounts:
  • Credit cards: Visa credit cards that hold U.S dollars and allow for spending in most major currencies.
  • Lending
  • Custody: traditional asset custody; insured digital asset custody; biometric security and private keys, and more.
  • OTC: support for over 100 coins and U.S. dollar, euro, and the Great British pound; direct market access to over 10 major cryptocurrency liquidity pools, and more.
  • Wealth management: there are various investment options available to help clients reach their financial goals.

The EQIFI token: EQX

  • ERC-20
  • Fungible
  • Utility
  • Deflationary

The community are in control

The EQIFI protocol is governed by EQX holders. The EQFI structure allows the community to have full control over all proposals, voting, and change executions through the platform’s governance functions. The community is allowed to propose new asset classes, interest rates, and fees.

Control over core functions is in the community’s hands. These include listing and delisting new asset types and tokens, adjusting the interest rate per market (within commercially viable levels), and adjusting collateral levels among many more.

EQIFI is the present and future

The traditional banking industry as a whole was not designed to be easily understood. The trust that average people put into these institutions is quite remarkable. Over generations, as these systems continuously failed millions of people, the power needed to be put back in the consumer’s hands.

With the onset of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and digital assets pressing issues around accessibility and inclusion have needed to be addressed for the longest time. These spaces are notoriously intimidating.

What EQIFI gets so right is the fact that traditional and centralized systems and the issues that exist within this financial space have been addressed and solved. Giving power to the community to have control over core functions and make empowering decisions is a completely extraordinary concept and entirely counter-tradition.

EQIBank’s integral role in EQIFI means that clients won’t have the wool pulled over their eyes ever. The client’s financial well-being is at the core of this digital institution, something that is so obvious in the suite of services and products offered.

What sets EQIFI apart is that it has catered to the new kids on the block, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience throughout. Novice players in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset space won’t be intimidating into finding another solution, they are rather welcomed with proverbial open arms. 


All the information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action the reader takes upon the information found on our website is strictly at their own risk.

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I have two degrees in Corporate and Business Communication and have over three years of work experience as a content writer, covering topics from tech to travel and hard news. I have always been curious about crypto and let that progress into full-time fascination as Commercial Content Editor at BIC. I am also a plant-eater, book worm and cat mom!

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Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser announces the F*ck Elon Tour





Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser has announced the F*ck Elon Tour scheduled to take place on July 8 -9 in Austin, Texas.

Earlier this month, Keiser hit the headlines during the Bitcoin Conference in Miami for several reasons. But chief among them was his antics on stage with MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, in which he repeated the words, “we’re not selling,” and “f*ck Elon.”

This was in reaction to the Elon Musk energy-FUD, which many believe was responsible for Bitcoin’s 45% slump from its all-time high of $65,000.

“F*ck Elon” has now become something of a tagline for Bitcoin maximalism. But with tribalism responsible for toxicity in the cryptocurrency space, is the F*ck Elon Tour doing more harm than good?

What’s the F*ck Elon Tour about?

Despite this week’s bloodbath in the markets, as well as continuing uncertainty at the macroeconomic level, in linking tour information, Keiser confidently stated that Bitcoin can reach a new all-time high in the coming weeks.

The F*ck Elon Tour is introduced as a Bitcoin maximalist event that encourages more maximalism for the simple reason that maximalism is what “got us here.”

“We don’t need less toxicity from Bitcoin maximalists. We need MOAR!!! A LOT MOAR!!!! Toxicity and plebs got us here.”

Rather than a discussion of developments and educational content, the Tour is pitched as a party event featuring special guests. But more importantly, for Bitcoiners only with no mention of altcoins allowed, and most of all no Karens.

Ticket prices range from $50, for “Plebs” tier, to $200, for “JIMI” tier. The cheapest tiers, “Plebs,” “Buzzcocks,” and “Casbah” are already sold out.

Bitcoin maximalism accused of cultism

Keiser has always maintained a maximalist approach towards Bitcoin. But his stunts during the Bitcoin Conference have drawn fire on several fronts.

One such incident was an interview with CNBC Africa in which he launched into a tirade on political corruption. Although there is truth in what he said, it was his outburst and overzealous reaction to the questioning that drew condemnation.

“Do you know that with the Bitcoin I have I can buy any frickin senator or congressman I want? I make the laws. He who has the Bitcoin makes the laws Ran. We’re not just going to sit around and let the God damn government tell us what to do…”

However, the f*ck Elon rant is perhaps the most controversial. Social media responses to the video include comments about presenting a poor image, parallels with the cultism of Bitconnect, cringe, and so on.

There’s no doubt that Keiser is a passionate believer in Bitcoin, which shows through during his public engagements.

But at the same time, his showmanship is rubbing people the wrong way, which in turn does little to convince the undecided on the merits of the leading cryptocurrency.

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Bitcoin Is ‘Better Than Gold’





Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban has revealed on social media he believes bitcoin is better than gold as the flagship cryptocurrency is easier to trade, transfer, and convert. Both bitcoin and gold are seen by many as inflation hedges, with some calling bitcoin “gold 2.0.”

In a tweet, Cuban said that bitcoin requires no intermediaries and can be factionalized. He also referenced “William Devane type commercials” that would sell the cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation.

Devane, who starred in the popular soap opera Knots Landing, has for the past decade been promoting the precious metal for Rosland Capital, telling potential customers that gold is the only currency he trusts.

When TD Ameritrade’s Oliver Renick replied that bitcoin’s “relationship with real interest rates is as random as it was day 1 ten years ago,” implying the cryptocurrency does not work as an inflation hedge, Cuban said he never defended it as such.

Cuban added:

Gold is useless, pretty much across the board, but particularly as a hedge. BTC is a digital asset that is similar to gold because they both are driven exclusively by supply and demand. BTC does a better job with both.

The billionaire investor noted that right now there is more demand for the precious metal than for the flagship cryptocurrency, although he believes this will change as “BTC is easier to transact,” and will in time be “better understood and marketed.”

The gold market, Cuban predicted, will shrink as a result. Cuban, as CryptoGlobe reported, invested last month in Ethereum layer-two scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) but has not disclosed the size of his position on the cryptocurrency. The investment has been disclosed on one of his websites.

Earlier this year, billionaire  investor Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine Capital, revealed that while he is still a long-term dollar bear and gold bull, and that he sees bitcoin as a better bet after turning neutral on both the U.S. dollar and gold.

The views and opinions expressed by the author, or any people mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only, and they do not constitute financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading cryptoassets comes with a risk of financial loss.

Featured image via Unsplash


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Alas, John McAfee, We Hardly Knew Ye





There’s an old saying in journalism that goes something like: Scoundrels are way more fun to cover than normies. 

Say what you will about John McAfee—and today, when news of his apparent suicide in a Barcelona jail seeped out, people said a lot—the 75 year old was a blast to cover.

From his first entrance onto the national stage in 1992, as the human face of the novel computer virus known as Michelangelo, he generated all the excitement and flimflam of the Music Man. Never mind that the Michelangelo Virus turned out to be a hypefest—McAfee was able to capitalize on it big time. The worldwide hysteria he provoked helped him launch an antivirus software company that, when he sold it a scant few years later, made him $100 million.

The whispers around McAfee in those early days—never proven, of course—were that he worked with labs to create some of those viruses.  That was probably industry jealousy: his software was the very first to catch whatever new, obscure computer bug found its way onto a personal computer. 

“People kept saying I hyped this, I hyped this,” McAfee complained to me in 1992, shortly after the Michelangelo Virus turned out to be fake news. “I never contacted the press—they called me.”

This is John David McAfee, the man who once ran a service that revolved around the curious premise that, if you paid him a membership fee and tested HIV-negative, you could have AIDS-free sex with other members for six months.  This is the man who jumped from biological viruses to computer viruses and quickly became a flamboyant expert on the new demi-plague, showing up at the scene of infected PCs in his Winnebago ‘antivirus paramedic unit.’ “—From a 1992 Newsday story

McAfee thrived in the lawless, wild west of early technology (and anywhere else he could find a wild west.) Crypto—right here in River City!—with its ready market of credulous marks, fellow shillers, and contempt for the law was at once a perfect place for him to prospect, as well as his ultimate undoing. 

And we in the press? He never contacted us. We called him.

McAfee made the best, most colorful copy. He claimed to have been arrested 21 times for tax evasion, SEC violations, drugs and other stuff. He was a suspect in a murder in Belize, though he was never charged, which, I suppose, only added to his outlaw mystique.

A McAfee story was always good for traffic, especially during the dark days of crypto winter. And we never needed to contact him—he lived in social media, especially Twitter, where he fed us and his million followers a daily diary’s worth of updates on his never-ending antics.

In a 2018 profile, New York Magazine dubbed him the spokesman for crypto. 

He famously claimed to have fucked a whale. And an ostrich. (He later backtracked on the whale; and the ostrich isn’t talking.) He bet that Bitcoin would be worth a million dollars by the end of 2020 or he’d eat his own dick. (He later clarified that a squadron of high-class escorts would be doing the presumptive dick-eating on his behalf.) For a while, he produced a series of videos offering recipes of vomitous cocktails he’d concoct. 

He ran for president. He ran away from the law. He seemed to carry an arsenal’s worth of guns on his yacht, and claimed that the CIA was after him. He is said, too, to have experimented with “quantum suicide”—a sort of one man’s Russian roulette, with a bit of Schrödinger’s cat in the mix—and survived. 

After he was arrested for tax evasion last year, he continued to make news via periodic “tweets from jail.” Shortly after his imprisonment in Spain in October, presaging today’s reported suicide, he had an accomplice tweet that reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. McAfee said: “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.”

Even on his way to death, he couldn’t help but rabble rouse.

But curiously, his last tweet, which came a week ago, and is pinned to his account, was absent his usual bluster. McAfee sounded defeated.

Then again, if rumors crop up that John David McAfee was just seen in Tahiti or New Guinea or a dive bar in Key West, surrounded by a cadre of lunatics and drinking a cocktail made with real gunpowder, would anyone be surprised? Nah. Without the myth of outlaws, there’d be no wild west. And without the wild west, where would the rest of us be?


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