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Edward and smooya set to clash in charity showmatch


A few weeks after Yegor “⁠markeloff⁠” Markelov put together a team to take on Ioann “⁠Edward⁠” Sukhariev in a charity showmatch, another showmatch is taking place featuring CS:GO players and a host of Ukrainian celebrities.

The event takes place October 17 at 19:00 and will feature a single three-map series where all three maps will be played, with Dust2, Inferno and Mirage serving as the battlegrounds.

Edward returns for another showmatch, this time taking on smooya

Spectators will be able to donate directly to the charity throughout the duration of the showmatch, with funds being raised to support Ukrainian refugee families.

Once again Edward, captain of Team Ukraine, teams up with Daniil “⁠headtr1ck⁠” Valitov, this time adding Viktor “⁠sdy⁠” Orudzhev, with his team being rounded out by NAVI Creative Director Alexey Kostyliev (brother of Oleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev) and streamer Diana “DianaRice” Rice.

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markeloff to make appearance in charity showmatch

Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield will play alongside Dane Frederik “⁠Fessor⁠” Sørensen in Team Europe, as well as ex-NAVI player Arseny “⁠ceh9⁠” Trynozhenko, footballer Yevhen “⁠Konoplyanka⁠” Konoplyanka, and streamer Slevin “⁠Kyivstoner⁠” Dadyan.

The English stream will be hosted by Jacob “⁠Pimp⁠” Winneche, and you can follow the action on his Twitch channel. The Ukrainian stream can be found here.

You can find out more about the charity being supported by checking out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The teams are as follows:

Team Ukraine
Ukraine Ioann “⁠Edward⁠” Sukhariev
Ukraine Viktor “⁠sdy⁠” Orudzhev
Ukraine Daniil “⁠headtr1ck⁠” Valitov
Ukraine Diana “DianaRice” Rice
Ukraine Alexey Kostylev

Team Europe
United Kingdom Owen “⁠smooya⁠” Butterfield
Denmark Frederik “⁠Fessor⁠” Sørensen
Ukraine Arseny “⁠ceh9⁠” Trynozhenko
Ukraine Yevhen “⁠Konoplyanka⁠” Konoplyanka
Ukraine Slevin “⁠Kyivstoner⁠” Dadyan

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