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Dragonball The Breakers Broly Release Date


Broly is one of the most popular characters in the Dragonball series. He initially began as a non-cannonical entry to the franchise, debuting in a Dragonball Z movie. But since then, the Legendary Super Saiyan has become canon — rereleasing in the Dragonball Super movie. And it is in this form that he releases in Dragonball The Breakers.

Dragonball The Breakers Broly Release Date

Dragonball The Breakers Broly is a brand new raid boss, releasing promptly on November 1.

This release date was officially revealed by Bandai Namco in their trailer teasing the characters’ debut. It’s also the beginning of Season 4 for Dragonball The Breakers, serving as the game’s 1st anniversary update as well.

It appears his first form is his base form. Therefore, he’s not Super Saiyan. He also has a area wide destruction move, where he flings a huge ball of energy towards the stage. Dragonball The Breakers Broly evolves into Super Saiyan for his second form — showcasing his next level transformation.

Then, upon reaching the required level, Broly transforms into his final form: The Legendary Super Saiyan. This is his iconic greenish yellow hair transformation, turning into an absolute behemoth of a fighter.

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For those unaware, November 1 is the start date for Dragonball The Breakers Season 4. Therefore, Broly’s debut in the asymmetrical action game marks a celebration of the brand new season as well. Though the game isn’t the most popular, Bandai Namco clearly is still supporting the existing player base.

They also announced cross platform play may debut in the near future — although the official release date for cross play hasn’t been revealed. The developers are still likely working on this feature, and will update the community when the release date is set in stone.

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