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Crypto News Today: 02/03/2022


1. The international hacktivist collective known as Anonymous has vowed to attack Russian government websites over the recent Ukraine invasion. So far Anonymous says that it hacked the Russian Ministry of Defense database and various state-operated television channels in Russia. After Anonymous’ recent statement, RT websites were inundated with DDoS attacks.

2. A newly launched DAO called Fries DAO is attempting to leverage the DAO idea to purchase fast food properties. The project describes itself as a “decentralized social experiment where a crypto community builds and governs a fast-food franchise empire.” The DAO has raised more than $5.4 million and FRIES tokens will be utilized for governance.

3. The Ethereum protocol has reached another milestone as the number of Ethereum 2.0 validators has surpassed 300,000. Currently, the Ethereum 2.0 smart contract holds 9.68 million in ether deposits worth over $28.4 billion today. Deposits are added regularly every single day into the deposit contract in exact amounts of 32 ether per deposit.

4. Ukrainians have offered crypto users around the world another option to support their cause. Early on Tuesday, the Ukraine Twitter account published a DOT address along with a statement welcoming polkadot donations. The country intends to expand the list of accepted coins as it increasingly relies on help from the crypto community to fund its defense against Russia.

5. Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced a series of humanitarian aid actions it will take to support Ukrainians. The exchange stated it will donate a minimum of $10 million to help the Ukrainian people through the Binance Charity Foundation. Binance also announced it was kickstarting a crypto-first crowdfunding site to coordinate donations to the Ukrainian cause.

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