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Crypto.com Price Prediction: What to Expect of Crypto.com Coin in 2022?


crypto.com launches global awareness

What is Crypto.com Coin? The Crypto.com coin is also referred to as the Cronos coin. Cronos is the blockchain behind it, which serves as a dedicated financial payments solution. Kris Marszalek and three other co-founders built the Cronos chain as a way of increasing the adoption of digital currencies, enhancing user privacy and scaling global payments. Furthermore, the chain also acts as a bridge to the Crypto.com payments application, which is available on Android and IOS. Current Crypto.com Coin price action Today the Crypto.com coin price managed to break past the 5-day barrier at $0.3909. Enabling the buyers to set a weekly high of $0.4041. The price action has formed a double bottom for the last 2-days, around $0.3718. In case the buyers are unable to sustain support for the weekly high, the sellers are likely to retrace back and complete another bottom around $0.3718.  7 out of the 26 major indicators are indicating a buy signal. While 10 of the remaining indicators show a sell signal. While 9 of them are showing a neutral signal on the weekly Crypto.com coin chart.  The moving averages are bearish, with 10 of them supporting sellers, while only 5 are bullish.  Trending news surrounding the CRO coin includes the launch of its exchange platform in the United States, which commenced on 15th March. The platform announced that the exchange would only be available to its waitlist in its initial phase. Meanwhile, we are hoping that the rollout will increase the utility and adoption of the CRO coin; which could potentially drive its price higher.  What do Influencers think about the price direction of Crypto.com Coin? Colton Lukey Investing Guide urged his Youtube followers not to compare the price performance of CRO, with that of BNB; just because they are both exchange tokens. The analyst predicted that in case a bull rally takes place, the price of Crypto.com (CRO) would test $5.  Moon Market ran a survey of what his followers thought would be the price direction of CRO. In the comment section, the majority of the respondents said the price of the coin had the potential to trade between $1.2 – $5.0. According to Digital Coin Price, CRO has the potential to reach $2.11. Check out the price prediction table below for up to 2031. Should you invest in Crypto.com Coin in 2022?  With the high demand for inclusivity in the global payments industry, the adoption of Crypto.com coin is highly likely to grow. The blockchain behind the crypto is built for high-speed transactions, with an ever-reducing block duration. We think that the price of the Crypto.com coin is going to grow and therefore rank it among worthy investments in 2022. However, we recommend that you dig deeper and find more information about the digital asset before investing. Do not treat this price prediction as investment advice.

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