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Creating a subscription management solution: An interview with the CEO & COO of Revuto

Republished by Plato



Keeping track of online subscriptions and paying for them can be an exhaustive process since often, people lose track of the plans and platforms they have subscribed to. By combining the speed and cost-effectiveness of cryptocurrencies with the practicality of fiat, Revuto is changing the way people pay for their subscriptions.

Revuto has been designed as a DApp on the Cardano blockchain and it leverages the native Cardano tokens and DeFi to pay for subscriptions. Users can keep a track of their subscriptions with easy activation and deactivation and approve, block, or snooze them as per their requirements.

In conversation with AMBCrypto, Jos Majic, CEO, and Vex Vukman, COO of Revuto, got candid about the platform, the REVU token, its public sale, and the motivations behind creating a subscription management solution.

Source: Revuto

1. What were the motivations behind Revuto, a subscription management solution, connecting its payment systems to crypto? What do you foresee will be the role of digital currencies in the future?

Revuto solves the problem we believe everybody has. The subscription economy is growing 100 YoY and with its free-trial traps, overcomplicated and hidden unsubscribe procedures, with small monthly payments that we all forget about, subscriptions are eating our money.

With Revuto we plan to change that. By leveraging crypto and DeFi services with subscription payments, Revuto sends power back into the hands of users by allowing them not only to control to whom, when, and what they’re paying but to pay less and save their money.  

2. In a recent edition of Cardano360, CEO Majic spoke about how Revuto will be using its native token REVU to build an ecosystem with a closed-circuit economy. Can you please elaborate on that?

Revuto setup works in favor of the consumer so whenever the consumer pays for the subscription with the Revuto debit card he gets rewards in REVU tokens. More importantly, whenever a referred friend does the same, the users get a percentage of that transaction in REVU tokens.

Lastly, Revuto users can stake their REVU tokens in liquidity pools and earn yields while providing liquidity to others through micro-lending and borrowing. In short, Revuto allows its users to make their money work for them. 

3. How would you describe the utility of the REVU token? How has the reaction to the private round been?

Revu token is a token with limited supply working in a self-sustainable setup where there’s a constant demand (buying pressure) on REVU with the goal to use REVU to pay less compared to what users would usually pay with fiat money. 

4. The REVU Token public sale will begin on the 18th of May on Cardano. What are your expectations for the same?

Yes, soon we’ll launch our Public Token sale which is actually the first Public token sale on Cardano. As REVU is Cardano’s native token and our token sale platform is custom-built on Cardano, accepting ADA for REVU only, we believe we can set the steppingstone for other Cardano projects to follow.

Being the first to set up a project on a long-awaited Cardano’s ecosystem brings us into the focus so the expectations are high not only from the Cardano community but from the crypto community in general. 

5. What aspects and factors did you consider before choosing Cardano over other blockchains such as Ethereum?

First of all, building our business on Ethereum would make no sense because nobody would use our token to pay 12 Euros to Netflix and 30 for the transaction fees. In that sense, the Ethereum network has big scalability issues. For those who didn’t know, Cardan is a 3rd generation blockchain with very secure and fast transactions.

The token itself brings voting power (governance) what is a key driver to build a community of incentivized users. Then there’s a Cardano foundation and the community that’s one of the biggest supporters in the industry, and lastly, on our team, there are team members working directly for Cardano (IOHK) who’re helping us to do things right. When you combine all the aspects, the Cardano choice was obvious. 

6. What can you tell us about the significance of the launch of Revuto dApp on Cardano? According to you, what would be the measure of its success?

The measure of success would be the number of users which we could get to use both, our dApp and the Cardano native token built on the Cardano network. In that retrospective, we’re already gaining tremendous momentum because, as we speak, Revuto is getting close to almost 1M early signups. 

7. After the distribution process is over, Revuto will be introducing token staking onto its platform. As a product user, what benefits might I expect from staking my REVU tokens and locking them up in a smart contract?

Benefits for staking REVU are both for the REVU holder and for the Revuto users. Microlending and borrowing setup is there to help other Revuto members solve their short-term cashflow problems but on the other hand, staked REVU can bring a decent monthly yield to cover monthly subscription charges on its own.  

8. What benefits might a user get by participating in the Revuto Referral Program?

Apart from being awarded for every referred friend that will come and use Revuto, the referral program is set up to bring its users a decent passive income as long as referred friends are using Revuto to pay their subscriptions. 

9. Revuto plans to partner with other crypto exchanges to ensure more trading pairs against REVU in the future, with several listings expected by September. Can you tell us which exchanges you are working with right now?

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to talk about those exchanges until we’re sure the partnerships are signed, especially because the outcome of those partnerships depends on the success of our Token Sale. 

For more information check out their socials-

Website — Visit Site

Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper

Telegram — Join Group

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Twitter — View Twitter Account

Medium — View Medium Page

Youtube – Cardano 360 Roadshow

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice

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MEHH Token Offering Scalable Digital Payment Solution to Merchants

Republished by Plato



[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer]

Scalable solution, a blockchain company enabling cryptocurrency payments for merchants to receive or send instant payments.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a next-generation payment choice among merchants and customers. Every day, more and more people are using connected devices to make payments. The adoption of digital currency is not limited to laptops but also reaches across the industry like tablets, phones, IoT devices, and smartwatches.

The demand for digital tokens is rapidly increasing. Amalgamate of innovative and secure digital payment mode will help merchants to stay ahead in the game.

Merchants can now take advantage of MEHH Token to expand their horizons and grow their user base around the world. Just with a single integration, now merchants can add MEHH tokens to their existing application or exchange platform.

Value Proposition for Merchants and Customers

MEHH Token is built on a decentralized Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Its permissionless network allows merchants to accept digital payments. Our token delivers the following value proposition to owners:


  • Revise quick payment in MEHH token
  • Reduce the risk of the data breach
  • Foster customer trust
  • No debt and high liquidity
  • Low free and fast transaction speed


  • Easy access to make payments
  • Offers smooth payment experiences
  • Secure transactions
  • Convenient to move, exchange, or withdraw
  • Extremely Low free and fast transaction speed

Our mission is to support the vision of enabling digital payments for merchants and customers. By allowing each partner to receive and send payment across the network, the MEHH token ensures instant transfer and safe transaction. We designed these capabilities to redefine the way merchants send or receive payments and transform the Fintech industry by developing a platform that makes a positive impact.

Find out more at


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Tanzania’s Central Bank Working on Adopting Cryptocurrencies

Republished by Plato



A few years after banning the usage of digital assets within its borders, Tanzania is heading towards a full 180-turn. The nation’s central bank asserted today that it has begun working on a recent directive from the President to adopt cryptocurrencies.

  • CryptoPotato reported a few weeks back when Tanzania’s President – Samia Suluhu Hassan – highlighted the need for the country to adopt digital assets.
  • A Reuters reported from June 25th showed that Tanzania’s central bank plans to listen to Hassan’s words. The organization wants to be prepared for if or when the nation will need to use cryptocurrencies.
  • Interestingly, today’s statement from the bank shows an entirely different approach than the one undertaken in 2019.
  • Back then, the institution implemented a ban on operating with cryptocurrencies. It argued that the country had not recognized them as legal currencies and warned its citizens to stay away as they might lose money if they invested in such speculative assets.
  • Now, though, a spokesperson from the central bank reassured that the organization is “working on the directives given,” referring to President Hassan’s comments.
  • However, the bank’s representative failed to disclose details whether it will adopt Bitcoin and other currently existing digital assets or will tend to go with the Chinese route and create a CBDC.
  • This development comes shortly after news broke that El Salvador has become the world’s first nation to make Bitcoin a legal tender.
  • As reported in early June, the government of the small Central American nation voted in favor of the law, which will come into effect in September.
  • Since then, several other countries have outlined similar plans, including Paraguay and Panama.

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XRP lawsuit: Why SEC’s latest motion, Hinman’s deposition ‘should scare everyone’

Republished by Plato



Until a week back, it was quite apparent that only the plaintiffs in the ongoing SEC v. Ripple lawsuit desperately wanted to depose additional people. However, it recently came to light that the defendants too intended to depose an additional office-bearer. With the sole hint of ‘former SEC official,’ the community started making its own guesses as to who would it be. Among the host of options available, two names stood out and seemed to be the most appealing – Jay Clayton and William Hinman.

In what is the latest development in the same, the SEC has now filed a motion to quash the deposition of its official. Unsurprisingly, the ‘former SEC official’ named by Ripple is SEC’s former Director in-charge of the Corporate Finance division, William Hinman. According to the plaintiff’s motion,

“To depose a former high-ranking government official like Director Hinman, Defendants bear the burden of showing ‘exceptional circumstances’ justifying the deposition.”

It should be noted that the purpose of the “exceptional circumstances” rule is to “protect the mental process” of government officials. As far as the defendants are concerned, they have claimed that they need to depose the official to elicit testimony on the SEC’s “internal views” and to develop evidence with respect to the “market participants’ views” based on Hinman’s interactions with members of the public. The SEC, on the contrary, argued,

“… these proposed inquiries… could be obtained by far less intrusive means.”

The SEC further stated that the answers the blockchain company seeks are protected by privilege since they relate to the everyday tasks of most high-ranking government officials. 

“Director Hinman has no personal, first-hand knowledge as to defendants’ offers and sales of XRP.”

Here, it should be noted that the official was a part of the SEC’s fact-gathering team that investigated Ripple’s conduct between 2018 and 2020. Additionally, he and his staff have also reviewed written submissions from the defendants’ council.

Further, the federal agency noted in its motion that XRP holders had shared false information about Hinman. Attorney John E. Deaton was quick to react, however, opining, 

“What’s false?… Maybe allowing the deposition to go forward will make future high ranking officials more accountable regarding the things that they say.”

Again, as known, Hinman made a public speech in 2018 where he explicitly stated that offers and sales of Ether were “not securities transactions.” However, at that time, he did not claim anything about XRP or Ripple. 

Further, in the exhibits attached with the motion, Hinman declared that the SEC has still not taken a call on whether the offer and sales of Ether fall under the category of securities. This menacing declaration, according to attorney James K. Filan, “should scare everyone.”

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