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Coin.Space: An Anonymous Multi-Currency Cryptocurrency Wallet

Coin Wallet

Originally launched in 2015 in Georgia, USA, Coin.Space is a cryptocurrency platform that works to bring a simple wallet to everyone, especially people who have no access to a bank account. Underbanking is a big problem for many people, and cryptos can really help many to gain access to advanced financial services. As the rise […]

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Originally launched in 2015 in Georgia, USA, Coin.Space is a cryptocurrency platform that works to bring a simple wallet to everyone, especially people who have no access to a bank account.

Underbanking is a big problem for many people, and cryptos can really help many to gain access to advanced financial services. As the rise of DeFi has demonstrated, there is lots of interest in decentralized financial solutions, but it all starts with people gaining access to the system.

There are very few technological barriers left to using cryptos.

Most people have the necessary electronics to trade and save tokens and the Coin.Space wallet takes that availability even further by ensuring that people with low bandwidth connections can still make crypto transactions.

About the Wallet

The Coin wallet can be used on many types of devices – and functions well in low bandwidth conditions. Up to now, Coin.Space has expanded globally with more than 20 million wallet registrations and available in over 20 countries worldwide.

The wallet works with any ERC20 and ERC223 tokens and supports popular Crypto blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple, Stellar and Ethereum). Currently more than 20,000 tokens that are built on Crypto are accessible through Coin Wallet app.

The wallet platform is available for download and installation on Android, iOS and Windows. This means that most people who have a smartphone or a computer that is connected to the internet can use the Coin.Space wallet.

Besides a large potential market, the one of the best things about Coin.Space is that Coin.Space only charges a fee on actual transactions.

Otherwise, there are no extra fees for installation or wallet registration. That’s why Coin.Space is considered one of the cheapest and most convenient cryptocurrency wallets out there.

Wallet Features

Coin.Space combines a multi-layer protection and modern security protocols to offer its users top-of-the-range security.


Here are some of the things that the Coin.Space wallet offers:

  • Coin.Space applies AES-256 encryption mechanism on clients’ device to ensure no breach from client-side
  • New wallet creation security is strengthened with the utilization of BIP 39 passphrase encryption to prevent any threats of losing new accounts
    A 4-digit PIN is required to verify identity when users log in their account
  • Users can generate private keys and save them on their own devices to avoid any communication with external servers and even avoid contact with Coin.Space’s system
  • Coin.Space cooperates closely with compromised certificate authorities to keep all HTTPS sites safe from all acts that attempt to use fake IDs or fraudulent certificates
  • Coin.Space is committed to providing its users with absolute confidentiality, even private keys are not stored on Coin.Space system but on users’ personal devices, in order to guarantee users full control over their wallet and coins



As a wallet service provider, Coin.Space comprehends the value of metadata and how much users expect to keep their private information out of danger. Therefore, Coin.Space adheres to a set of strict protocols and practices to completely preserve a user database.

  • Coin.Space is committed to not reusing users’ personal data, such as address, purchase habits and so on, and takes full responsibility for keeping all information safe from any other parties
  • Coin.Space extracts all users’ historical transaction data before confirming a new transaction. Thanks to that, the platform is able to avoid any leaking on the data of users’ wallets
  • Coin.Space offers close support from Tor and a secure VPN, which gives users the power to conduct their transactions with an anonymous IP address

Mining fees

Coin.Space offers an attractive scheme for mining activities, divided into 3 different levels for users’ consideration.

  • Default miners are provided “an approximately confirmation time of 30 minutes to 60 minutes”
  • Fastest miners are provided “a confirmation in the next 0-1 blocks”
  • Minimum miners are provided “an approximately confirmation time of 60 minutes to 90 minutes”

A built-in exchange network

  • Like other popular crypto exchanges such as BRD Wallet, or, Coin.Space builds an own exchange platform (Shapeshift) to allow its users to buy and sell cryptos
  • Coin.Space’s users can join the Shapeshift platform and enjoy the instant bitcoin transactions

Coin.Space – Open to Almost Anyone

Basically, everyone can join and create a wallet on Coin.Space. At the same time, the platform specifically aims at a couple of target audiences, including.

  • People who are fresh to cryptocurrency investment and trading – They are newcomers who wish to enter the market and look to buy crypto for the first time. Coin.Space provides guidance for the simplest solutions for beginners
  • Shoppers who want to use their coins to pay at local stores – Coin.Space acts as a payment processor to enable the purchase of regular goods using cryptocurrencies

About Jonathan Speigner, the founder and CEO of Coin.Space

Jonathan Speigner is an expert with deep technical knowledge in various sectors, including “security, cryptocurrencies, mobility, cloud computing, and surrounding technologies”.

During his long successful career that has lasted over 25 years, Jonathan has worked with more than 25,000 clients across the world, which gives him a firm background in international information technology and customs.

Speigner has dealt with multiple industrial projects in finance, medical healthcare, telecommunications, and software vendor verticals. All of those jobs help him gain wide technical expertise in “networking, mobile, storage, compute infrastructure, programming and security”.

Not only achieving many great successes in the tech industry, but Jonathan Speigner is also a well-known person for his comprehension over business operations, from financial flow, international affairs to human management.

With Jonathan Speigner as the founder and CEO of Coin.Space, the platform’s users benefit from his long-sighted vision and inclusive experience.

Banking For Everyone

It might be surprising to learn that while most people can afford a smartphone, many can’t gain access to the banking system. Banking services in some of the world’s poorest countries are extremely expensive relative to a person’s income, which leaves the working poor with few options.

By offering a range of crypto services, Coin.Space is giving people everywhere the ability to use cryptos both locally and globally. The costs involved in sending tokens is very low when compared to fiat currencies, which is a great thing for people who need to access financial services at the lowest possible rates.

DeFi is also one of the most promising technological breakthroughs for microfinance, as cryptos have such low operational costs attached to making value transfers. Microlending is much easier when using cryptos, and with the use of smart contracts, very few humans need to be involved with the process.

Connecting With Coin.Space

Right now, Coin.Space is open to more than 20 different nations – and the company is working to expand its operations to other countries in the future. As a provider of decentralized financial solutions, Coin.Space is well placed to grow over the medium-term as cryptos are likely to rise in popularity.

More detailed information about the project is available on the official website, which you can visit by clicking here.

In addition, interested investors can participate in Coin.Space’s social community networks to exchange their ideas with other traders. So far, Coin.Space’s users can join its member society on Medium and LinkedIn through the following addresses.




Americans Can Now Buy Dogecoin from 1,800 Crypto ATMs Across the Country

Republished by Plato



The meme coin that exploded in popularity recently, Dogecoin, has reached another milestone as the Bitcoin ATM provider CoinFlip decided to list the token on 1,800 cryptocurrency ATMs in the United States.

Dogecoin Coming to 1,800 ATMs

Started as a joke digital token inspired by Shiba Inu, Dogecoin took the world by storm in the past several months, which has prompted the popular Bitcoin ATM provider CoinFlip to take action.

The Chicago-headquartered company announced yesterday that it had added Dogecoin to its growing network of over 1,800 cryptocurrency ATMs located in 46 states.

The statement informed that this milestone “validates the legitimacy of the coin and further showcases CoinFlip’s dedication to meet consumer and industry needs as coin popularities shift.”

Daniel Polotsky, the CEO and Co-Founder of the ATM provider, said that the move would enable the general population a more straightforward way to receive Dogecoin exposure.

“Given its growing popularity and recent mass adoption, we are dedicated to making sure that Dogecoin is a part of our portfolio of coins and encourage further support of this cryptocurrency in the coming months.” – he added.

Dogecoin’s Support from Musk, Snoop Dogg, and More

CoinFlip reasoned that the Dogecoin listing comes after the token received massive endorsements from some of the world’s most popular names. Perhaps it all started with the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – Elon Musk.

The executive previously updated his Twitter bio to display “former Dogecoin CEO,” posted dozens of DOGE-related tweets, and even bought some for his son.

Ultimately, every Musk interaction caused an immediate price reaction as DOGE surged to new highs. Consequently, the token even entered the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Furthermore, this skyrocketing craze caught the attention of other famous individuals, including the US rapper – Snoop Dogg.

As such, it may not be a surprise that CoinFlip said that its decision came only after Dogecoin received “support from celebrities such as Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, and Kevin Jonas.”

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Bitcoin at $21,000? Is a buying opportunity coming soon?

Republished by Plato



A series of on-chain metrics registered corrections when Bitcoin fell on the charts last week. In fact, BTC dropped down to as low as $43,000 briefly, with significant reshuffling seen after Futures Open Interest dipped by $4 billion too.

Other factors such as the Bitcoin funding rate experienced a reset as well, with Grayscale’s premium registering a low of -3.77%. AMBCrypto had previously reported about the positive reboot for the aSOPR, wherein it was identified that weak hands were getting washed out.

However, one particular metric carrying historical importance did not correct much. Interestingly, it could possibly alter the course of the rally going forward.

Bitcoin NUPL continues to avoid 0.5 reset

Source: Glassnode

According to Glassnode’s latest report, the strength of the current Bitcoin rally can be illustrated by BTC’s Net Unrealized Profit and Loss or NUPL. In the past, the NUPL has regularly retested the 0.5-mark during bull market corrections. While a 0.5 re-test was seen multiple times during both the 2013 and 2017 rallies, the same is yet to be identified in the current market.

Here, it’s worth noting that market dynamics have definitely altered over the years with respect to user profitability and hodling sentiment, with selling pressure not fueling massive outflows for Bitcoin.

Source: CryptoQuant

Further, data from CryptoQuant seemed to suggest that Bitcoin outflows from exchanges have continued to maintain their low levels over the week, with long-term hodlers unfazed by the 21% decline in cryptocurrency’s price.

The resilience exhibited by investors was coming to fruition at press time since Bitcoin had managed to establish a position above its immediate resistance of $47,400 over the last 24 hours.

While it is still a little early to predict the start of a new bullish leg for Bitcoin, according to Willy Woo, consolidation above $45,000 is a strong sign of stability.

If history repeats itself, does NUPL reset carry a damaging outcome?

While the NUPL has not registered a reset at 0.5 during this rally, historically, it has happened during every bull cycle. According to data, the realized price trading is currently $14,511, and if the NUPL drops down to 0.5, it would mean Bitcoin would possibly drop down to a floor price of $21,766.

That would mean a 55.76% drop from BTC’s press time position, a drop that will completely take away all of BTC’s gains since 15 December 2020.

While historical probabilities are worth pondering over, it is also important to consider the macro-difference between previous rallies and the current one, with Bitcoin at the receiving end of more adoption than ever before.

For instance, the average weekly investment into Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust during Q4 of 2018 was $2 million. The average investment in GBTC for Q4 of 2020 was $217.1 million. Needless to say, the course of history for Bitcoin is indeed changing.

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Litecoin is trading at a 1,800% premium via Grayscale’s LTC trust — But why?

Republished by Plato



Shares in Grayscale Investments’ Grayscale Litecoin Trust, or LTCN, have been trading at a whopping 1,800% premium over the market rate of their underlying asset, Litecoin (LTC).

$319 per Litecoin? 

This difference is primarily due to retail investors’ inability to purchase shares directly from Grayscale Investments, whose funds are aimed exclusively at accredited investors.

LTC holdings per LTCN share (orange) and premium (blue). Source:

It costs $319 to buy a share in Grayscale Litecoin Trust. However, its LTC holdings per share are currently worth just $16.42. That means it’s almost 20 times more expensive to buy Litecoin via the trust than regular spot exchanges.

LTCN shares have recently traded for as high as $496 in November 2020 — 38% above Litecoin’s highest closing price in December 2017. Although the premium on Grascale’s Litecoin fund has been drastically cut over the past three months, LTCN shares remain an unattractive investment vehicle for retail traders.

The trust offers exposure to LTC without investors needing to handle or custody cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, its shares can only be sold by Grayscale Investments to institutional investors.

The unusual spread appears to have been driven by increasing retail demand for Litecoin ahead of the Mimblewimble privacy solution rollout, with Grayscale accumulating $258 million worth of LTC so far.

Arbitrage is not really an option

Grayscale’s Litecoin Trust aggressively ramped up accumulation in February, buying at a rate equal to 80% of new Litecoin being mined during the period.

However, anyone thinking about a potential arbitrage opportunity should note that all LTCN shares require a one-year holding period after they’re created. Besides, the trust requires all investors to be accredited, with a minimum of $25,000 to start.

The United States-based investment firm also offers trusts for other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC). The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is the firm’s largest holding, with over $30 billion in assets under management.

In recent days, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust traded at a discount to net asset value as the TSX Purpose Bitcoin ETF saw record inflows. A diminished appetite in the secondary markets creates a potential imbalance, as there is no redemption program for the Grayscale rust funds.

Had there been a way to convert those shares back to their LTC or BTC equivalent, a market maker would gladly buy the trust shares at a discount.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.


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