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Co-creator of Arcane promises banger soundtrack for season 2


The first season of Arcane was an absolute banger, boasting a massively well received sound track alongside beautiful animations. And with whispers of Arcane season 2 hovering around the internet, expectations for the sequel are high.

As if to ensure the community, Christian Linke, the co-creator of Arcane, posted on Twitter hyping up the series.

“Arcane S2 soundtrack is gonna be something very special. Holy smokes,” he stated.

Considering how good the season 1 soundtrack was, promising yet another banger collection of songs can be very risky. After all, the expectations are already insanely high. But if Christian Linke believes the “sound track is gonna be something very special,” then fans can rest assured that, at the very least, the music will be amazing.

A fan asked Linke if there would be “any metal???”

Linke applied “duh.” Therefore, expect metal to be included within the Arcane season 2 soundtrack.

In regards to video editing, typically the music is added in last. But if they’re already working on the music, and have enough to hype up as Linke did on Twitter, Arcane S2 may be launching sooner relatively soon.

Of course, this remains purely speculation. With no other sources of trailers or leaked information, only hopeful speculation can be made. Whatever the case, tune back in at The Game Haus for more things related to Arcane.

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