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Chimeras play-to-earn metaverse snags $2 million in fresh funding from investors

Chimeras’ play-to-earn metaverse is gaining significant backing from some of the industry’s largest venture capital firms.

Polygon, Master Ventures, LVT Funds, Poolz, AU 21, BullPerks, OIG Invest, X21, Panda Capital, Shima Capital, Otis Capital, and Lotus Capital, to mention a few, poured massive capital into Chimeras’ play-to-earn metaverse project on October 18, 2021.

More than $2 million set aside for game development

The Chimeras team has raised over $2 million in the investment round, which will be used for product development and marketing operations in the metaverse, including the launch of the CHIM brand native token.

According to the developers, the Chimeras initial DEX offering (IDO) will be available on the Poolz, Ignition, BullPerks, and Red Kite platforms.

The Poolz platform IDO will be held on October 26, followed two days later on October 28 by the Ignition, BullPerks, and Red Kite IDOs.

Additionally, Chimeras is in the process of negotiating with another IDO platform, the details of which will be published via social media soon.

CHIM will be freely available for trading on the cryptocurrency market following the completion of all IDOs.

A vibrant and enjoyable in-game economy

CHIM will be issued initially to its personnel, major blockchain-focused funds, consultants, Chimeras metaverse users, and farming pools, with a maximum supply of 75,000,000 CHIM.

The token will act as the economic foundation of the game, allowing players to trade in-game assets such as land and NFT-based items.

About Chimeras

As a Play-to-Earn metaverse, the Chimeras project utilizes a Free-to-Play model, allowing users to earn money for both the content they generate in-game and the actions and feats they do.

Chimeras is set in a fantastical world populated by charming animals called Chimeras. It’s an action-packed mobile game that incorporates DeFi farming and NFT tokenization.

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Chimeras’ narrative is well-conceived, completely engaging players in the game’s backstory. Chimeras is a large fantasy realm populated by farmers, traders, landowners, socialites, and even alchemists and assassins.

The metaverse’s islands and archipelagos are scattered throughout an infinite body of water, with some islands being privately owned, while merchants and voyagers travel the vast reaches of the ocean geography for adventure and lucrative trades.

Chimeras: Action and adventure galore

Warriors compete in arenas for the opportunity to battle worthy opponents, while scientists compete in their laboratories for the chance to create the most incredible beasts.

Players earn prizes in the form of NFT-based commodities or CHIM tokens, which they may use to breed creatures, trade, create virtual land plots, and fight in battles.

At auctions, gamers can buy and sell everything, including trade reagents, minerals, and animals, while more peaceful players can subsist on the rent they make from owning numerous islands.

Some of the industry’s brightest minds

The men and women behind Chimeras are well-versed in the industry. These professionals consist of BlockchainDev, GameDev, and Marketing experts who are all dedicated to developing a Tier-1 entertainment-loaded crypto-game.

Over 30 professionals employ advanced methodologies to produce successful gaming solutions that prioritize fun throughout the game.

Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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