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CDL 2021 Power Rankings after Stage 4 Week 1

Here’s our updated Call of Duty League Power Rankings. Stage 4 of the 2021 Call of Duty League season got…

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Here’s our updated Call of Duty League Power Rankings.

Stage 4 of the 2021 Call of Duty League season got off to a bang with some incredible matches. Shock results see some teams move up the rankings, while some of the big teams fall down. Here’s our updated Power Rankings following Stage 4 Week 1.

12. Seattle Surge (-1)

Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo appears next to the words "Welcome Classic" and a Seattle Surge logo.

Seattle Surge changed up their roster heading into Stage 4, bringing in Classic to replace Decemate. While theory tooko the LA Thieves to a game five, the mapset played into their hands, and the Thieves didn’t look completely there just yet. Because of this, Surge find themselves rock bottom of our Rankings.

11. LA Guerrillas (-1)

Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov faces the camera in his gaming chair wearing a white hoodie

The LA Guerrillas suffered a 3-1 defeat to the New York Subliners this week, something that was completely expected. Yet again, the Guerrillas won the Search and Destroy, the only game mode that seems to give them a fighting chance in any series. They need to improve their respawns quick, or they could get left behind.

10. Paris Legion (+1)

A half face shot of Alex "Zaptius" Bonilla appears with the words "Welcome Zaptius" accompanied by the Paris Legion logos.

While they suffered back-to-back 3-1 losses this week, Paris Legion looked better than ever. Their Search and Destroy was great, and if it wasn’t for mistakes of their own, they would have beaten Minnesota ROKKR 3-1. Paris just needs to brush up on their small errors, and then they could be a dark horse.

9. London Royal Ravens (-1)

Alex "Alexx" Carpenter appears in front of a PC with the words "Dialed In Alex Behind the Controller" with a red white and blue PlayStation below.

Taking Dallas Empire to a map five seemed like a great start to Stage 4 for the Ravens, however a swift 3-0 defeat to the hands of the Florida Mutineers came right after. The first week with the new squad was difficult for Lnodn, but they showed talent, and with time they could become a top 6 team. The only issue is… they don’t have much time.

8. Minnesota ROKKR (+1)

Dillon "Attach" Price points to a team mate during a live series in the CDL

MajorManiak has made a great return to the squad this week. While they lost 3-0 to OpTic, their 3-1 win over Paris showed their talent in respawns. This was a win that Minnesota needed, and they have to take this momentum into next week’s matches.

7. Dallas Empire (-)

Pro Call of Duty League player Reece “Vivid” Drost stands in front of a Dallas Empire crown logo on a blue background.

Dallas Empire recently made the move to bring in Vivid to the squad, and this was a week to forget for him. Vivid struggled in his debut with the squad as he put up a 0.67 overall K/D. In their defeat against Toronto, it didn’t look any better, with a 0.58. This is just his first week, and in time he will find his rhythm. If he does, Dallas could be a title contender once again.

6. LA Thieves (-1)

Thomas "TJHaLy" Haly watches his screen during a live match

The LA Thieves returned to their previous roster this week, and it wasn’t a smooth start. While they took a 3-2 win over Seattle Surge, they would’ve expected this to be slightly more dominant, and they’ll need to stop the mistakes for Week 2. However, TJHaly looked good on his return, and Thieves fans can look forward to the future.

5. OpTic Chicago (-1)

Matthew "Formal" Piper makes a call to his team mates through the headset during a live game

OpTic Chicago started the week strong, bringing their momentum from the Stage 3 Major and dominantly taking a 3-0 win over Minnesota ROKKR. This was a great start for OpTic, however FaZe didn’t let the celebrations last long, as they took a 3-0 win of their own, and left Formal with the lowest overall K/D in CDL history at 0.46. OpTic can’t seem to get past FaZe, and this is an issue if they want to win championships.

4. Florida Mutineers (+2)

Cesar "Skyz" Bueno walks on stage in his Florida Mutineers jersey

The Florida Mutineers find themselves in the Top 4 of our Power Rankings for the first time this season after a 3-2 win over Toronto Ultra, and 3-0 over the London Royal Ravens. Florida’s inconsistency has been a problem this year, but they;re finally starting to find form, and it’s sticking. With Skyz and Owakening shooting like they are, the Mutineers look dangerous in Stage 4.

3. New York Subliners (-)

Obaid "Asim" Asim stands against a black background under low lighting during his time playing for the Minnesota Rokkr

The Subliners looked excellent once again in their 3-1 win over the LA Guerrillas. In this match, it was Mack who really took centre stage, as his 1.50 overall K/D saw New York completely dominate the respawns. New York are a dangerous team, and one to watch in Stage 4.

2. Toronto Ultra (-)

Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan waves as he enters the stage in his Toronto Ultra hoodie

The Top 3 remains the same, with Toronto Ultra sitting in second place. Their loss to Florida was a shock, however the team bounced back with a 3-0 win over Dallas Empire as they looked back to their best. This bounce back is great to see, and shows that the loss to Florida was more of an off day, than a real issue.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris on stage after one of FaZe's 2020 victories

Atlanta FaZe look like the Stage 1 and Stage 3 team we saw out of them. Completely dominant, and almost impossible to beat. Arcitys continues his run of form as he tore through OpTic, and FaZe look to take back to back championships in Stage 4.



Cardano: Can this cushion the mounting bearish pressure?

Republished by Plato



Cardano has garnered much attention from the crypto community due to constant network upgrades over the past few months. After the successful Mary hard fork, Cardano now aims at bringing smart contract to its system via the highly anticipated Alonzo upgrade. Its first-ever smart contract written in Plutus went live on the Alonzo Testnet a week ago.

While these developments were certainly immune and separate from a bearish broader market, its native cryptocurrency, ADA, was not.

Weekly losses piled up to over 30% as sellers ramped up pressure in the ADA market. The cryptocurrency suffered a sharper decline once a breakout above $1.61 was rejected during the last week of trade.

Cardano Daily Chart

Source: ADA/USD, TradingView

Since the broader market crash, ADA has been unable to rise above its upper ceiling of $1.88. Bullish momentum fizzled out as ADA failed to breach this resistance and sellers have dictated market movement since. Its latest attempt at a revival came via a breakout attempt above $1.61 but the 20-SMA acted as a resistance mark and denied further upside. With prices nosediving further over the last 24 hours, focus now shifted to its 19 May swing low of $0.95.


ADA was on a tight rope as it approached a defensive mark of $0.95. This region not only formed a support mark ranging all the way to early Feb, but was also bolstered by the presence of the 200 Simple Moving Average line. The Relative Strength Index moved in the oversold region and a reversal was expected over the coming days. Stochastic RSI even showed a bullish crossover and suggested that the trend could shift in favor of buyers.

If a reversal is triggered at $0.95, ADA could witness an ascent back towards $1.15. Visible Range’s point of control lay within this area and an extended rise was unlikely. However, traders must also be wary of breakdown as well. Failing to cut losses at $0.95 could result in a further 30% decline towards $0.673. According to Awesome Oscillator’s red bars, such a move was not within the realms of possibility.


With losses accumulating in the market, ADA now resorted to its defensive line of $0.95. The 200-SMA moved within this zone and strengthened its defensive capabilities. A temporary pickup towards $1.15 can be expected once buyers return to the broader market but the threat of an extended sell-off cannot be discounted as well.

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Karura (KAR) Wins First Kusama (KSM) Parachain Auction

Republished by Plato



The Kusama team has announced via Twitter on June 22, 2021, that Karura (KAR) has emerged as the winner of the first-ever Kusama (KSM) parachain auction. The team says over 15,000 participants locked up their KSM tokens in favor of Karura.

Karura (KAR) Becomes First Kusama Parachain

The months of hard work and dedication of the Karura team have finally paid off, as the project has now won a parachain slot on Kusama, laying a solid foundation for its product launch on the network.

Karura tweeted:

Though the team has not talked about the immediate next steps of Kurara, the announcement has attracted positive reactions from Kusama faithful on crypto Twitter nonetheless and the team has hinted that key members of the Kurara project, will be live on #TwitterSpace on June 23, 2021, to answer questions and shed more light on the way forward.

Karura Aiming to Revolutionize DeFi

For those who are unaware, Kurara (KAR) was created by the Acala Foundation and it’s aiming to develop a robust decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem in Kusama. When Kurara finally launches, members of its ecosystem will enjoy a plethora of DeFi offerings, including superfast and cost-efficient token swaps, staking, liquidity mining, and more.

At a time when “rug pull” incidents are increasing at an alarming rate in the DeFi space, Karura will definitely provide investors with a reliable platform through which they would enjoy the goodies of decentralized finance, as the platform is backed by highly reputed entities including Coinbase Ventures.

Notably, investors’ confidence in the Karura project is very solid at the moment as evidenced by the overwhelming support Karura got from members of the cryptoverse during its crowd loan event.

Specifically, on June 10, 2021, the team announced that it had successfully raised more than 200,000 $KSM tokens ($100m at the time) from over 8,500 contributors that took part in its crowd loan event via its portal.

According to Karura, contributors will get 12+ KAR tokens for every 1 KSM contributed, early birds will earn an extra 10 percent bonus and on top of that, there’s a five percent referral bonus for eligible participants.

At press time, the price of KSM is hovering around $175.40, with a market cap of $1.51 billion, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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How Archer Swap Has Helped End Ethereum’s Bidding War





Most DeFi users have heard of Ethereum’s high congestion issues, but few are aware of the controlling forces operating behind the scenes, and how badly they can be impacted by this single problem. When traders send a regular transaction via the Ethereum network, it is susceptible to attacks from bots or front-running software run by entities seeking to profit from trader activity.

Ethereum’s ecosystem is perhaps amongst the fastest growing in the crypto space. Thus, there are already many solutions that tackle this issue and operate for the benefit of the users and decentralized exchange (DEX) traders. Most of them have gone under the radar.

Archer Swap is part of the Archer DAO, a project with features designed to mitigate the risks associated with sending transactions on Ethereum. It protects users from Miner Extractable Value (MEV) strategies, sandwich attacks, and front-running bots while maintaining a connection with Uniswap and SushiSwap, two of the most popular DEXs on Ethereum.

In this sense, Archer Swap can be described as a DEX extension that enhances the trader experience on these dApps. This protocol combines two powerful sets of features that give traders improved operations on Ethereum – protecting them and making trades more cost-efficient.

The first set of benefits are called Archer MEV Shield. Besides protecting transactions from bot attacks, it allows users to eliminate failed transaction fees, a recurring problem on Ethereum. Traders can also cancel transactions at no additional cost.

The second feature is called Archer Trader Extractable Value (TEV), a proprietary and innovative concept introduced by Archer Swap. Operating within the Archer Relay, Archer TEV uses automated rebalancing transactions with bots to sync market prices when big market moves occur.

After a trade or a big swap, there is usually an arbitrage opportunity in a market. Archer TEV uses these opportunities to capture the value and redistribute it to Archer Swap users. In essence, Archer TEV takes revenue generated by Archer Swap and gives it back to one of the protocol’s core components, the traders.

Archer Swap Launches Campaign To Reward Traders

Following a community vote, Archer DAO recently launched a 6-week campaign to buy back and distribute its native token ARCH. In this way, the protocol can reward early adopters. The tokens will be acquired with the revenue generated by Archer TEV.

The protocol won’t have to touch its treasury reserves to attract new users to the platform. The protocol and the users will benefit – as more users trade on Archer Swap, the campaign will have more resources to acquire and distribute ARCH. Therefore, the token will most likely see an increase in buying pressure during the coming weeks, and the platform will see a surge in the number of users.

Archer DAO will distribute rewards every Friday from June 11th to July 16th, 2021. The platform will calculate rewards for each user based on their transacted volume for each week. The rewards will be delivered automatically and with basically 0 risk for the users, all they need to do is trade.

Archer Swap has had famous trades. In May, during the high of the dog meme coins, the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, used Archer Swap to dump his supply of Shiba Inu (SHIB), AKITA, MIRI, ELON, and others into the market.

The dump served a good cause, as Vitalik used this money to send over $1 billion to different charity organizations. The most notable is the Covid-19 relief campaign for India started by Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal. This trade could be among the most famous in 2021 and was enabled by a protocol whose main objective is to shield its users and give them back the power to operate safely within the Ethereum dark forest.


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