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Cardano’s Lace Wallet: Empowering Millions of Ethiopians with Limitless Opportunities


  • Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, aims to onboard 5 million people to the Lace wallet, Cardano’s web3-enabled crypto wallet.
  • The Lace wallet will allow users to store digital identities, academic records, and other important documents, facilitating access to education, employment, and other opportunities.
  • Despite challenges such as capital controls in Ethiopia and the central bank’s hesitance to fully embrace crypto, Hoskinson remains optimistic about the project’s potential to transform lives and set a global precedent.

Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind Cardano, has set his sights on an audacious goal: bringing 5 million users into the Cardano ecosystem via the Lace wallet. In a recent video, Hoskinson shared his vision for the future of Cardano’s web3-enabled crypto wallet, Lace.

The objective is to onboard the entire K-12 population in Ethiopia, which would be a significant milestone. The Lace wallet is more than just a crypto wallet. It’s a gateway to opportunities, allowing users to store their digital identities, academic records, and other crucial documents. This digital storage could revolutionize access to education, employment, and more.

However, the road to this ambitious goal is not without its hurdles. The Ethiopian government is still in the process of consolidating all necessary elements, causing some delays. Furthermore, the country’s central bank has yet to fully embrace cryptocurrency, presenting legal and ethical challenges to connecting users to a digital wallet.

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Despite these challenges, Hoskinson’s optimism remains unshaken. He believes that once the bureaucratic hurdles are cleared, IOG and the Ethiopian government can begin meaningful discussions on how to connect users to a digital wallet.

The potential impact of the Lace wallet extends beyond individual users. Hoskinson believes it could transform the lives of millions of people in Ethiopia and set a precedent for other countries around the world.

As for the future of Cardano and ADA in the crypto space, the potential is immense. With projects like the Lace wallet, Cardano is not just creating a cryptocurrency; it’s building a platform that could redefine access to opportunities and set new standards in the crypto world.

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