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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III How To Use Tactical Stance?


When it comes to the annual release of Call of Duty games, a majority of them always try to find new whats to be innovative. This time around with Modern Warfare III, the addition of Tactical Stance or “Tac-Stance” has been added to the franchise. With this feature being new, there are quite a few players who don’t know how to use Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare III.

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How To Use Tactical Stance In Modern Warfare III?

Tactical Stance will be a feature that’s automatically turned on, Tac Stance will activate whenever a player is sliding, or by aiming with the left trigger and pressing down on the D-Pad. One of the reasons why Tac Stance is so accessible for players is that there can be multiple ways to trigger its activation. In the Settings menu, the following activations can be set for the feature.

  • Off
  • Double-tap ADS (left trigger twice by default)
  • ADS + Sprint (left trigger and clicking in the left stick by default)
  • ADS + Melee (left trigger and clicking in the right stick by default)
  • ADS + Down Button (left trigger and down on the D-Pad by default)

There’s also an option that allows players to change their Tactical Stance Behavior. This allows them to set it on a toggle (enabled until disabled), have it active until they die, or only activate it when a player aims down sights.

What Is Tactical Stance In Modern Warfare III?

Activision themselves describe Tact-Stance as the “perfect middle-ground between hip-fire and aiming down sights”. It allows players to receive improved mobility speed and visibility over looking down a scope. It puts a weapon at a slanted angle allowing players to have better accruacy when firing. It’s recommended to use the feature when engaged in close-quarter fights.

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